How does this work?

Turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth feature
Open the ShowingTime mobile app
Select your appointment
Tap "Unlock"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShowingTime Secure Access®?

ShowingTime Secure Access® leverages information from confirmed appointments to keep home access secure while also making it quick and simple for agents to access homes during their scheduled appointment time.

How do I use ShowingTime Secure Access® to open a lockbox?

Make sure that you have downloaded and logged into the ShowingTime mobile app and that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. When viewing the appointment details page within the app, tap on the access type. Then tap Lock Ready to unlock the device.

Do I need to have the ShowingTime mobile app to open a lockbox/Smart Lock device?

Yes, you need to download the ShowingTime mobile app in order to unlock or open a lockbox using Bluetooth. For lockbox/Smart Lock devices that provide a keypad, an appointment access code will be available during the appointment’s confirmed date and time.

The lockbox/Smart Lock device is not opening when I tap on the button. What should I do?

    • Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
    • Verify that your appointment is confirmed and you are trying to open the box between the appointment’s start and end time.
    • Some devices require you press a button on the keypad to wake the device.
    • Try using the access code, which can be viewed during the confirmed appointment window.
    • As a last resort, contact a listing representative for assistance.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my phone?

Mobile devices can differ. Refer to your mobile device’s help pages for more details.

What if there's no cell service at the time of my appointment?

Bluetooth technology utilized for ShowingTime Secure Access® does not require a network signal to unlock or open the device.

I’m early/late for my showing. Can I still open the lockbox to show the listing?

Bluetooth technology enables access during a confirmed showing window for maximum security. You should be able to open a lockbox shortly before and shortly after the scheduled times. Contact the listing agent for listing access outside of your appointment.

Can I print showing instructions for the appointment in advance?

The access code will only be available during the confirmed appointment times. Download the ShowingTime mobile app for up-to-date access details and to stay on top of all showing activity.