Social Media Training Resources

Each topic below references a training post used for ShowingTime’s social media campaigns. You will see the topic and the content that will be used for your post. Simply click the social media icons on the post, which will enable you to quickly share a post.


How to use the Done Showing button

After a Showing Agent is done showing a home they can let the seller quickly know when it’s ok to return home with the “Done Showing” button. Check out this video to learn how! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

Appointment types available

Whether you’re scheduling a showing, a photo shoot, radon pick up/drop off or a walk-through, we’ve got an appointment type for it. Just select and go! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

Easily navigate with the side menu

#ShowingTime knows that being able to navigate easily through your app is important. The sidebar contains the links to schedule showings, check your feedback, manage your listings, and view your listing activity report. Check out the training materials here!

Did you know we have native font sizes?

ShowingTime offers a font size that fits you! The #ShowingTime app taps into your phone’s native font size options to match the preferences you set on your device. Seeing is believing. Download the app today! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®