Social Media Training Resources

Each topic below references a training post used for ShowingTime’s social media campaigns. You will see the date it was posted, the topic and the content that will be used for your post. Simply click the Facebook icon on the post, which will take you to a page that enables you to share.

FAQ: As a listing agent, why can’t my co-listing agents see the same information about appointments as me?

Out of Office message

FAQ: Calendar access on desktop

FAQ: What is a Push Notification?


Sellers syncing appts on app

FAQ: Can I send the app to my seller?

How to add seller information

My account settings

Re-listing a home

Showing agent profile settings

Listing agent profile settings

Sending attachments

Re-listing a home

Navigating the sidebar

FAQ: How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime, and what is imported during this process?

Seller’s App

FAQ: How does the Appointment Center answer from my sellers?

FAQ: Where do I setup my notification preferences?

Sending messages from the Listing Activity Report

FAQ: What is the Listing Change Log?

How changes on the app effect changes on desktop

Mass Announcements

FAQ: Why is it important for buyer’s agents to notify sellers about a change in plans when they can’t make a confirmed showing?

Merging Listings


Calendar Sync

Key Sets

Go-and-Show appointments

FAQ: Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings?

FAQ: Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings?

Forgotten password

How can I schedule another showing on a recently viewed listing?

Feedback FAQ: How do I send feedback to my seller?

Mapping Feature in MVB

FAQ: What does it mean to merge listings?

Creating a Caravan

Seller’s App

FAQ of the day: How can I mark more than one notification as “read” at once?

Using InfoSparks

FAQ: Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of ShowingTime?

FAQ: How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime?

Choosing the Right Appointment Type

Cancelling ShowingCart requests

FAQ: Who can see a listing’s access details?

FAQ: Homeowners would like to know who the showing agent is for the upcoming appointment. What can I do?

Sending the Listing Activity Report to a seller

Emailing a ShowingCart tour to buyers

Accompanied showings

Appointment types

Download the mobile app

Downloading the mobile app

Navigating the sidebar

Native font size options

Showings I Have Requested report

Messaging within an appointment

Adding a co-listing agent to contacts

Autopublishing feedback to owners


Editing showing instructions

Search for listings within your own MLS

Homeowner showing completed notifications


Agent Activity Report

Linking accounts

Archive button

Auto delivering the Listing Activity Report

Add listings or stops to ShowingCart

What do these different showing types mean?

FAQ: Can I track my Clients?

FAQ: What is the Listing Activity Report?

Curb showings

Creating a Showing Restriction

A homeowner has the same listing for sale and for rent. How can they see all the activity in their account?

Sellers FAQ: What if my home is re-listed or refreshed?

Update showing instructions

Notifications for sellers


Choosing different appointment types

Calendar sync

After re-listing a property

Showing feedback

Service labels

Client activity

Showing request notification

Member of more than 1 MLS

Re-listing a home

5 features in the ShowingTime App

Customizing feedback request forms

Listing Activity Report

Scheduling a single showing

How to log past appointments


Get more feedback from showings

Modifying appointment notification settings

Scheduling a showing on a recently viewed listing

Adding an assistant’s contact info

Updating showing instructions

Appointment History Log

All showings and feedback notification emails come from the same agent

Scheduling from a cancelled or declined appointment

Showing agent adding a client after appointment is confirmed or scheduled

Sellers syncing appts on app

Sending messages from the Listing Activity Report

Re-listing a home

How to schedule showings on your own listings

How changes on the app effect changes on desktop

Automatically confirmed appointments

Sending the mobile app to a seller

Download the ShowingTime app

Agent and seller messaging

Seller’s app

Mark notifications read

Auto-confirm appointment requests

Listing Activity Report – What’s new

Out of Office message

Adding contacts to the listing worksheet

Done Showing button

Appointment Types

How to download the mobile app

New side menu

Native font size options