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As we’re hitting the hottest days of the year, showing activity remains high throughout the country. Hopefully you’re one of the many real estate agents experiencing lots of summer activity and have already sold a number of listings.

If you’ve been super busy, there’s a chance you feel overworked by keeping tabs on all your listings’ activity. Responding to calls from buyer’s agents, sellers and prospective clients can take a toll on anyone and, in this heat, leave you exhausted and maybe a tad sweaty.

You don’t always have to pack an extra shirt, however.

ShowingTime subscribers can stay cool and at the top of their game by making a few key settings changes that will make future work easier and stop any nerve-related sweat.

Add Sellers
If they’re not already added, add your sellers’ contact details to your listings and encourage them to download the ShowingTime mobile app so they can keep up with their home’s activity and play a bigger part in the home-selling process.

Within the app, sellers can view upcoming appointments and, with your permission, can also confirm or decline showing requests.

Taking a few minutes to show them the ins and outs of the ShowingTime mobile app is also a great time to explain the benefits of different appointment types, including the ‘Go and Show/Courtesy Call’ option.

While all eight appointment types have their benefits, the ‘Go and Show/Courtesy Call’ option — if it makes sense for your sellers — can be a great way to make scheduling showings through ShowingTime even easier, as well as get the listing seen more often.

Mobile Communication
Confirming or declining showing requests is just one of the many benefits for sellers using the ShowingTime mobile app.

Sellers can also message their real estate agent within the app, as well as review their home’s showing and feedback activity. This gives them the ability to know what’s going on with their listing at all times without having to ask their agent and wait for a response.

The mobile app also encourages buyer’s agents to log when they’re done showing a listing, thereby alerting sellers that it’s OK to return home.

Add Appointment Rules and Showing Restrictions/Exceptions*
As most seller and agent schedules vary from day to day due to work, vacations or even a simple doctor’s appointment, ShowingTime provides a way for agents to create appointment rules for specific days and/or times that differ from the standard day-to-day ones.

This is known as setting an ‘Appointment Rule,’ which can modify confirmation preferences for a specific time period. These can be as simple as a ‘Restriction’ all the way to completely changing the confirmation process for a specified date or time, which we call an ‘Exception.’

These options, which you can read more about, are a great way to not only plan ahead, but also clearly spell out when the listing is or isn’t available to be shown by buyer’s agents. This helps cut down on frustrating, unneeded calls and streamlines the showing request process.

*Some markets don’t have access to the showing restrictions/exceptions feature.

Are you looking for tools that will help boost your productivity? Learn more about how ShowingTime products can help you ease your burden, save you time and enhance your business.