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Buying or selling a home is often the biggest financial transaction in a person’s life. Whether as a first-time buyer or a current homeowner, engaging in a real estate transaction can be stressful and complicated.

Being out-bid, losing money in a sale or overpaying are common concerns – not to mention the emotion of potentially leaving a home of 20 years.

The internet provides consumers unlimited access to a variety of helpful housing resources, but can also be overwhelming and at times misleading.

Research shows consumers are likely to spend many days, weeks and even months scanning listings online before seeking help from a licensed professional. That’s when the value of an agent is on full display, with their ability to provide guidance and wisdom worth its weight in gold.

Armed with MLS data, agents can advise, answer questions and offer vetted, go-to resources to reduce the anxiety that accompanies the home buying and selling process.

Build Credibility with Market Statistics

Successful agents know their local markets like the back of their hands, so how can you stand out? One way to prove your worth is to use professionally-presented stats reports compiled from reliable MLS data.

Think of it as a way to reinforce your reputation as the local market expert.

Whether used in a casual initial meeting, a formal listing presentation, on social media or via your website, market reports can help you explain important topics in a way that gives prospects confidence in you – and helps you get the listing.

Think Nationally, Act Locally

Knowing the regional and/or national trends is important in identifying and understanding local markets, but it’s the local market dynamics that home buyers and sellers need to know. A well-crafted report that distinguishes national vs. regional vs. local trends enables the agent to advise buyers and sellers based on relevant data.

For example, preventing a seller from confusing a regional average with a local trend by reviewing local market data will help them better understand why you’ve recommended a particular list price.

Other ways to easily offer game-changing data:

  • Add a “current market conditions” section to your website
  • Write a regular blog post focused on local market trends
  • Create and share visual charts to social media channels

Do you have the market statistics you need at your fingertips?

If you’re a real estate professional and belong to an MLS that subscribes* to MarketStats by ShowingTime, you already have access to useful reports and charts for every situation.

For MLS and association staff who need to quickly generate reports and charts that summarize local market activity, MarketStats by ShowingTime can help. Contact us for more information.

*MLSs and associations subscribe to MarketStats by ShowingTime to provide ready-made statistical tools for members. MarketStats is currently sold only to MLSs or associations.