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Why do real estate offices like front desk software?

This is something we’re asking all the time, and we get lots of interesting answers.

If you’re looking to buy a product, it always helps to hear someone else describe why they bought it, what they like, even what they don’t like. We received a testimonial this week regarding out ShowingTime Front Desk software we thought would be helpful to prospective customers:

(ShowingTime Front Desk) has streamlined the setting of showings for us. Sending out feedback questionnaires with customized questions has been a tremendous benefit to our agents. They no longer have to subscribe to a separate feedback program. The showing confirmation emails to the listing agent is another feature our agents rely on. Since I manage the staff seven days a week, I can login at home and see what is happening or help with technical things that the weekend staff doesn’t understand.”

— Administrative Staff Supervisor/IT, RE/MAX office

Our thanks to this person for taking time to let us know what she thinks about our front desk software. Our goal is to build the best showing management products available in the industry.

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