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Real estate recruiting might not be as cutthroat as in college football — and, unlike coaches, brokers don’t have to worry about trying to impress agents’ mothers — but no matter the industry, recruiters must be prepared when going after their target.

Recruiting is a long game with lots at stake. So, what should you highlight before, during and after your recruiting pitch?

Here’s what all brokers should focus on during the recruiting cycle:

Form and Promote Your Culture

Perhaps the most important aspect of recruiting is figuring exactly what parts of your business you’re going to promote. Whether you’re a newer office/team or well established, your culture is part of what sets you apart from competitors and makes you unique.

What are the expectations for your agents? What type of incentives do you provide? How are agents held accountable?

Not only will an established and successful culture help your team or office run smoother, but it also will speak for itself through current agents who promote your positive culture. Remember: Sometimes the best recruiter is a future colleague, rather than a future boss or team leader.

Build Relationships

Hopefully a reputation of success, well-executed marketing, strong culture and kind words from former and current agents have made you a known quantity within the market in which you operate.

That’s still only half the battle, though. Just like when agents go after potential clients, having a personal connection matters. Agents, like clients, want to know who they’ll be working with and for.

Get to know fellow real estate professionals at industry get-togethers, neighborhood events and other gatherings. Friend them on Facebook, connect on LinkedIn and interact with them on industry sites such as ActiveRain.

Every interaction matters, because you never know when an agent you met at a party a few years ago might turn into the missing link your office needs.

Use Data to Identify Targets

You’re ready to expand. You want the best agents, yes, but “best” is a broad term. Plus, everyone is going after the top producers.

Narrow your search by identifying precisely what your team or office needs. Are you struggling in a particular neighborhood? Having trouble connecting with younger sellers?

Agents who have demonstrated success in the areas you struggle in are the ones you want to target — and the ones who will add the most value to your team.

If you’re not sure how to find those agents — or discover the area of your business where you need help — consider MarketView Broker, an in-depth analytic tool created specifically for brokers looking to recruit top talent.

Establish Your Value Proposition

You have a successful office, a winning culture and a fun group of agents.

But why should an agent leave an office where they’re comfortable and have prospered to join yours?

Brokers and team leaders need to answer that Why? with several clear, concise responses about what quantifiable facts set them apart from other competitors. Or, in other words, your value proposition.

You can have a number of selling points such as up-to-date technology, the No. 1-producing office three years running, a highly prosperous training program or annual group outings. But you must to be able to quantifiably explain, show and prove why your office is better than their current one.

Stay in Touch

Sometimes the agents you target will say no. That’s life.

But it also doesn’t mean they’ll never be interested. So, stay in touch. Continue monitoring their success and don’t close the door on potentially coming together in the future.

Recruit Daily

Agents set aside time every day to prospect. Likewise, brokers should spend a portion of their daily routine focusing on their recruiting efforts.

That doesn’t mean cold calling when you don’t have an opening. But keep tabs on potential recruits to see how they’re progressing (or regressing) so you have a list of agents handy when you need to add to your team.

Just like you spend time making sure your office is up to date with the latest industry trends and your company culture remains positive, you should also always be ready to recruit a target agent when needed.

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