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The first half of the year has seen a flurry of changes within real estate as the industry has heeded the call to innovate in the face of new challenges brought on by COVID-19. We applaud those who have responded to the recent events with the introduction of new solutions and procedures to keep businesses running, safely and efficiently.

In the spirit of championing innovation and marking the transition into the second half of the year, we’ve highlighted a few of our own recent efforts to supply agents with the tools and information they need to succeed in any environment.

ShowingTime LIVE Video

In case you missed our recent announcement, an exciting new way to conduct home showings is now available in many markets across the country: ShowingTime LIVE Video. ShowingTime LIVE Video is the real estate industry’s first all-in-one live video showing platform. Best of all, ShowingTime LIVE Video is accessible from within the ShowingTime mobile app, allowing agents and their clients (with Home by ShowingTime) to take part in live video showings without needing to download additional apps, providing an authentic showing experience.

Click here to learn more about ShowingTime LIVE Video

ShowingTime LIVE Video will be offered as a paid upgrade in the future. For more information on how to get started with ShowingTime LIVE Video if it’s available in your market, click here.

MORE ON SHOWINGTIME LIVE VIDEO: ShowingTime LIVE Video Frequently Asked Questions | Have you Heard About ShowingTime LIVE Video? | Webinar Recording: How to Host One-On-One Video Showings with ShowingTime LIVE

Quiz: Discover Which Showing Management Product is Right for You

In January, we introduced a quick, simple way to help our website visitors determine which ShowingTime showing management product best meets their business needs: a quiz.

The eight-question, self-paced quiz is designed to help agents, teams, broker/owners and managers identify which ShowingTime product is right for them. For those who have yet to use ShowingTime and for existing ShowingTime users alike, our quiz can help connect the dots between business goals and the right ShowingTime product to help meet them.

Showing Index

While we’ve been offering regional updates on showing activity on a monthly basis with our Showing Index for years, the recent fluctuations in housing markets across the country has drawn greater attention to buyer traffic data than ever before.

While initial data to come out as the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold revealed expected downturns in buyer activity, the data began to gradually give reason for optimism, culminating in the most recent Showing Index results which revealed nationwide jumps in year-over-year showing traffic.

Click the view the May 2020 Showing Index Results

For a complete picture of the latest showing activity, click here to view the complete Showing Index.

Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Showings in North America

Along with the monthly Showing Index, we’ve been providing a daily look at showing traffic fluctuations for most states/provinces on our COVID-19 showing traffic page. Agents from across the U.S. and Canada have shared how they’ve been leveraging the current data, both to inform their strategic business decisions as well as in their own marketing efforts.

In addition, ShowingTime’s Chief Analytics Officer Daniil Cherkasskiy has been offering his analysis of the latest data in his regularly updated blog.

New Guides

A real estate professional never stops learning. That’s why we regularly offer new resources to give agents, teams and brokers another viewpoint on industry trends and how ShowingTime technology can help them stay ahead of the curve. So far this year, we’ve published four new guides:

  1. For new agents looking to hone their understanding of home showings, we developed the aptly-titled The Essential Guide to Real Estate Showings for New Agents.
  2. For agents looking to learn how ShowingTime’s products can help shave hours of time off their work day, they can read A Day in the Life of the ShowingTime-Empowered Agent.
  3. To highlight just a few of the most common ways the web-based MarketView Broker is integrated within brokerages’ business strategies, we put together 5 Ways MarketView Broker Can Help You Identify Talent, Analyze the Market and Advance Your Business.
  4. To help agents find the right message taking service that’s equipped to meet their unique needs, we published 5 Essential Features of a Live Message Taking Service.

To access these and other resources, visit the ShowingTime Resources page.

New Partnerships

In January, ShowingTime announced an agreement to provide showing management technology and market analytics services to all 22 boards and the 13,800+ members of Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems/Ontario Collective.

Recently, ShowingTime also announced a strategic partnership with Lone Wolf Technologies to integrate Lone Wolf’s transaction management solutions, zipForm® Plus and TransactionDesk, with ShowingTime’s showing management platform for more than 1.4 million agents.

More to Come

The year has undoubtedly raised a number of hurdles for us all, and even the promising turnaround in showing activity across the country and gradual reopening of businesses throughout many communities is no reason for us to become complacent. We’ll continue to be hard at work developing new products and refining our existing offerings throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond to help our clients keep their businesses going.

ShowingTime is dedicated to enhancing showing management products to best facilitate showings, now and when the market fully rebounds. Our sales team is readily available to listen to your needs and to help you find out which ShowingTime product might be best for your situation. Click the button below to reach out to them.