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Creating efficiency for her expanding business is what first made Vanessa Saunders consider using ShowingTime products in March 2016.

Saunders’ company, Global Property Systems Real Estate based in White Plains, New York, has now grown to 15 agents since she established it in 2012. A bigger team meant more and more listings – so many that it was getting difficult for the company to keep up.

Rather than attempting to manage showings on 15 listings manually, Saunders made what she called an easy decision to sign up for ShowingTime Front Desk and the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which she uses part time.

“Sometimes due to our hectic, ever-changing schedules, appointments or changes to appointments would get missed. That’s not good for business,” Saunders wrote in an email. “Now we rest assured that the ShowingTime team [is] taking care of our clients, and other agents’ bookings.”

During the day her staff uses ShowingTime Front Desk, which with its point-and-click software simplifies the process of scheduling showings. In the evenings and on weekends, showing requests are automatically handled by the ShowingTime Appointment Center, meaning no showing requests are ever missed.

As an added bonus, her office also enables agents to request showings via ShowingTime for the MLS, an online scheduling system provided by her MLS. When those requests are made, they automatically feed into Saunders’ setup so everything is in one place.

That means the agents in her market have the best of everything – they can call her office to schedule showings, day or night, or go online to make requests.

A little more than a year after making her decision, Saunders and her staff are thrilled with the results.

“When the phone rings in the office now it’s business, not bookings,” Saunders said. “Our clients love the system, and [with] the many different options it offers to them for handling showings, many have stated that they are very impressed.

“The feedback system and reports really add a lot of credibility to our service offerings. Our buyer agents are simply thrilled at the ease of booking multiple appointments and the mapping tool. Their clients love the schedule of showings and maps provided by email to them.”

Global Property Systems is one of numerous brokerages working under the team concept, which has become increasingly popular throughout the real estate industry. In addition to using ShowingTime products, the company also utilizes cloud-based technology and proudly boasts on its website that it is not a traditional real estate firm.

When asked the single biggest reason she would recommend ShowingTime, Saunders – the company’s Founder, Principal Broker and CEO – said: “Not possible! The combination of time gained, cost efficiency, client and agent happiness is priceless.”

“It never ceases to amaze us when agents don’t know how to schedule through ShowingTime. If only their brokers would share how easy the system is, so many would benefit,” Saunders said. “Our buyer agents audibly groan when they come across a listing without the ShowingTime capability. From their point of view the time saved is enormous, the mapping feature is amazing, rescheduling is a snap.

“From the broker’s point of view our sellers are delighted and we are impressed with the system’s efficiency, reporting, and the professionalism of the ShowingTime team when in contact with our sellers. Can’t imagine life without ShowingTime, that’s for sure!”

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