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A house that stubbornly refuses to sell can be a vexing thing. Given the emotional and financial investments a seller may have put into a house, it’s easy to see why they may initially be resistant to changing their asking price or in making necessary changes to make a house more appealing to prospective buyers, even in the face of a protracted length of time their house has been on the market.

As every agent knows, sometimes a new coat of paint, a deep clean or the scent of freshly baked cookies aren’t enough to position a house to sell. Sometimes a seller needs an agent’s deep knowledge of the latest market information to help them understand and adapt to market realities. That’s where InfoSparks, and the detailed market intelligence it provides, comes in.

With InfoSparks, agents are given access to an extensive amount of data – put into easy-to-use charts and graphs – that they can pore through to better understand a neighborhood’s housing market. Once an agent has managed to remove the usual suspects about why a house may not be selling as quickly as a seller may like, he or she can turn to InfoSparks to assess an area’s comparable listings, exporting relevant data into visually appealing, branded charts that they then can share with sellers in print or electronic formats.

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InfoSparks is updated with a market’s latest data nightly, so sellers can be sure that an agent’s insight is backed by accurate, up-to-date information. For example, an agent can pull a geographic region’s median or average days on market data, which helps make a compelling argument for making some changes to a listing.

InffoSparks Days on Market

Of course, data about days on market alone is not enough to tell the full story. With InfoSparks, agents can also sort sales price by region against criteria such as listing construction type, square footage and number of bedrooms to show how comparable listings in the area have fared.

Best of all, InfoSparks also allows agents to analyze metrics across different time periods, helping them determine if present market conditions appear stable, show signs of shifting or show a tendency of being seasonal.

InfoSparks Monthly Stats Compared

Backed by the in-depth housing market analysis that InfoSparks provides, agents can have more productive, data-informed conversations with sellers. In turn, sellers can come away from those conversations confident that they are being guided by an agent who has a complete 360-degree view of the market.

Do you have the market statistics you need at your fingertips?

If you’re a real estate professional and belong to an MLS that subscribes* to MarketStats by ShowingTime, you already have access to useful reports and charts for every situation.

For MLS and association staff who need to quickly generate reports and charts that summarize local market activity, MarketStats by ShowingTime can help.

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*MLSs and associations subscribe to MarketStats by ShowingTime to provide ready-made statistical tools for members. MarketStats is currently sold only to MLSs or associations.