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The ShowingTime platform offers a number of useful appointment types, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your listing. If you have sellers whose schedules are flexible or who are away from their home during regular periods of time, you can coach them to provide almost unlimited availability for showings with the Go and Show and Courtesy Call options. Both appointment types* can provide convenience for buyer’s agents scheduling a tour for clients.

The Opportunity for Increased Showings, Less Days on the Market

When you select the Go and Show or Courtesy Call appointment types, touring requests are documented and immediately confirmed when scheduled. For buyer’s agents, this can mean less time spent waiting for a showing confirmation, while eliminating the back and forth that is often a time-consuming part of getting clients in to see a listing. For listing agents, these appointment type settings can mean more opportunities for showings, potentially reducing the amount of time a home is on the market.

Ideal for Vacant Properties

The Go and Show and Courtesy Call appointment settings are excellent options for properties that are unoccupied. In this case, since agents don’t need to work around their seller’s schedule, setting a vacant property to Go and Show bypasses the need for what could be multiple conversations, texts or emails with the buyer’s agent to establish a touring time. If the home has a lockbox or the buyer’s agent is able to pick up keys at the listing office, the property can be accessed  at the appointed time.

As an example, Ellen is a listing agent selling a two-bedroom condo for clients that have already moved into another home. The condo is empty, staged and ready to be shown. Ellen sets the listing to Go and Show, knowing she doesn’t need to worry about interrupting her sellers’ day. Then, depending on the agreement she has come to with the sellers, Ellen can leave the keys in a lockbox or with her office, enabling buyer’s agents to easily access the home at the appointed time. This frees up Ellen’s time to focus on other aspects of her busy day.

More Than Just Unoccupied Homes

While selecting Go and Show is a no-brainer for unoccupied properties, it can be a great option for occupied homes, too. In instances where sellers are regularly out of the home, setting the listing to Go and Show can help maximize the number of tours during that time. Listing agents can then easily change the appointment type to Appointment Required or another option once the agreed-upon time period ends.

In this example, Ellen is working with a client, Robert, to sell his townhome. Robert has a partial work-from-home schedule and goes into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am until 5 pm. He also owns a dog, who he takes to a daycare when he’s in the office. After discussing the logistics with Robert, Ellen sets the listing to Go and Show for Tuesdays and Thursdays, knowing both Robert and his dog will be gone, and the home will be tidy and ready to show.

Ellen can also select lead times, for example one hour, depending on both her and Robert’s preferences, in case any last-minute details need to be attended to, such as additional cleaning. She can also set a buffer time if she doesn’t want appointments to overlap or to give Robert some room at the beginning or end of his day to leave or return.

A Beneficial Appointment Type

Depending on your listing, Go and Show and Courtesy Call may be just what you need to increase appointment requests, get more tours for your sellers and reduce the amount of time your listing is on the market.

*Courtesy Call is an option for ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk users

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