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The ShowingTime mobile app has received praise from all over the internet for its use as a productivity-boosting tool for agents, including being named Tom Ferry’s #1 “must-have” productivity app (see the embedded video below) and one of real estate agents’ favorite mobile apps by Realtors Property Resource®. But did you know there’s an app aimed at sellers?

Its name? Home by ShowingTime. Home by ShowingTime makes it easy for sellers to manage and take part in the home-selling process. By keeping up to date with their home’s showing activity, sellers can:

  • Confirm/decline showing requests
  • See all upcoming appointments
  • Review their home’s showing and feedback activity
  • Easily contact their agent
  • Adjust their notification preferences

Lorri Briggs, who’s sold five houses in four states, said using it helped her take the inefficiencies out of the home-selling process.

“I fell in love with ShowingTime immediately,” Lorri said. “I was amazed at how user-friendly the app was. It had everything I needed to know in one handy place … past showings, future showings, how many showings last week, how many in last 30 days. It was so awesome.

“Not only did it help me keep organized and on top of prospective buyer traffic, but it clearly showed anything that I still needed to respond to. Every morning I would review our showing times and plan accordingly.”

Lorri’s not alone.

Many of our customers continuously comment on how much their homeowners enjoy having access to their listing’s information via the app.

“The feedback is an excellent way to communicate with sellers!” — Ofe Polack, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“This makes the homeowner very happy.” — Gail Smith, Brokers Guild

“As a direct result of using ShowingTime, I have been able to service my clients right away and maintain showings and feedback in one place.” — Tommy Burdett, RE/MAX Coast and Country

If you’re a seller using Home by ShowingTime, check out the Seller’s Guide to ShowingTime for more information.

If you’re a listing agent considering whether to encourage your sellers to download Home by ShowingTime, check out some of these FAQs:

Q: Can sellers confirm appointments through Home by ShowingTime?
A: Yes, if the listing agent has configured them on the listing worksheet to confirm appointments.

Q: Can sellers see all feedback responses?
A: Only when the listing agent publishes the feedback to them. You can hide feedback responses by not publishing them; you also have the option to auto-publish feedback.

Q: Can my sellers see the name and contact details of the buyer’s agent?
A: The listing office can enable or disable this option for sellers. If enabled, only the showing agent’s name and/or office will appear with the appointment details. ShowingTime never shares showing agent contact details with sellers, such as a phone number or email address.

Q: Do sellers need a special login to access Home by ShowingTime?
A: No. Once the listing agent has enabled the seller (this can be done from the listing worksheet), the seller will receive an email inviting them to download Home by ShowingTime. They can then follow the authentication process to use the app.

Q: Why do sellers need the Home by ShowingTime?
A: In a 2014 study*, the National Association of REALTORS® reported that nearly 60 percent of sellers were under the age of 50, with most in that age group being tech-savvy consumers. In a time when information is instantly accessible, people expect to perform everyday tasks from their mobile devices. Home by ShowingTime gives sellers quick access to upcoming showings, past showing details, their listing agent’s contact information and more.

* Source: 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Download Home by ShowingTime so you and your sellers can request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback and share listing activity reports.