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Like most real estate professionals without an appointment service, Karen Degney used to find herself on the road when her phone rang to begin the showing scheduling process:

  1. Answer the buyer’s agent’s call
  2. Call her seller
  3. Call back the buyer’s agent
  4. Share showing instructions

Not only is that a lot to handle while you’re behind the wheel, but it also isn’t necessarily the safest way to conduct business.

Enter the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which Degney’s office, L. Lance Gilman Real Estate in Sparks, Nevada, began using in 2016.

“When representing a buyer, many times I have to make multiple showings,” Degney said. “It is easy online or with a phone call. The ShowingTime representatives are pleasant, efficient and very professional, making my job easier!”

Degney, a managing broker, has been in the industry since 1999 while owning and operating four real estate brokerages in the Lake Tahoe area, so she knows which tools help best for time and showing management.

That includes the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which has appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to schedule and confirm appointments — often in 15 minutes or less — as well as communicate the details to the listing agent, seller and buyer’s agent.

Subscribers to the service also receive access to the ShowingTime mobile app, which allows them to access their listing information and schedule showings on the go. Plus, it’s available for sellers who want to track their home’s activity and play a bigger role in confirming or declining showing requests.

“Our clients appreciate the consistency of the process and it is a professional service that shows the professionalism of our company that we strive for,” Degney said.

In addition to never missing a call, the ShowingTime Appointment Center automatically requests feedback for agents – with an 80 percent success rate in many markets – and provides access to reports such as the Listing Activity Report, Activity on Comparables, Showings I Have Requested and more.

And the calls, emails and messages sent by the ShowingTime Appointment Center on their behalf are personally branded with their agent photo and office logo.

Degney said she’d recommend the ShowingTime Appointment Center to real estate professionals considering an appointment service because the benefits include “(improved) time management, accuracy, tracking of showing appointments and the professional handling of our valuable clients and our listings.”

Are you a real estate agent looking for tools that will help you save time? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center helps free up your time to focus on other tasks to grow your business.