So, you’ve already made note of the great real estate blogs at your disposal, using the expert insight, research and tips they dispense to inform how you run your own business. Good choice! Professional blogs are a tremendous asset for the real estate industry, giving voice to diverse experts who cover a range of important topics.

But blogs aren’t the only good online source of tips and inspiration. Social media has rapidly grown to become a great source for the exchange of ideas in its own right. Like blogs, there are an almost limitless number of social media accounts fighting for your attention, so it’s important to cut the wheat from the chaff.

We dug deep into the Twitterverse to uncover five influencers who deserve your attention. You won’t find any “Selling Sunset”-esque personalities or talk about “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” here. These influencers cover subject matter that touch on the same themes and issues that affect residential real estate firms of any size.

If you’re looking for sales and marketing tips, you can’t go wrong with Chris Smith’s Twitter feed (@Chris_Smth). Smith offers his commentary on trending topics in real estate, marketing and social media, often combining all three subjects to offer practical advice for helping agents get the word out about their business.

Like Chris Smith, Grant Findlay-Shirras (@GrantFSofficial) provides sales and marketing tips aimed at those in residential real estate. Findlay-Shirras places a particular focus on how technology can help agents and firms boost their mindshare among prospective clients.

As we recently noted, a personal social media presence can help you stand out from the crowd. Ian Grossman (realestate_atx) serves as an excellent example of that tactic in action. His Instagram posts highlight not only properties in his market (Austin, TX), but also the people, places and events in the community. Grossman also takes the opportunity to share his insights into the local market with regular videos.

Colin Egglesfield is an actor, so his presence on this list may at first seem to run afoul of our rule to exclude celebrity real estate influencers. Yet Egglesfield’s stage2prop profile focuses less on himself as a celebrity and more on showcasing stunning home transformations that demonstrate how older, often badly damaged properties can be made anew. Best of all, Stage 2 Properties is dedicated to improving distressed properties to help revitalize neighborhoods – a great cause, to be sure!

Loida Velasquez uses YouTube to provide detailed videos guides of everything from tips to pass the license exam to how to start a social media channel. New agents and long timers alike can find something of value to take away from Velasquez’s extensive range of video guides.

Its interactive nature makes social media a uniquely collaborative place to engage with your industry peers. While you’re scrolling through posts and tweets from influencers, why not consider using social media to enhance your own business prospects? According to NAR’s Real Estate in a Digital Age2018 Report, it pays to have a social media presence – 77 percent of agents use social media for their business and social media was rated by agents as the top tech tool for obtaining the highest quality leads (47 percent).

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