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We’ve reached the end of 2022 and what a year it’s been! While the eye-popping market activity of 2021 fell back down to earth in 2022, the year nevertheless proved to be as exciting for residential real estate as any year in recent memory. As we did in 2020 and 2021, we wanted to mark the arrival of the new year by sharing just a few of the things we’ve been up to throughout the last 12 months.

Offering More Ways to Help Real Estate Professionals Succeed with ShowingTime+

ShowingTime was founded in 1999, and in that time real estate has seen a remarkable evolution. To help real estate professionals handle those rapid changes, companies have continuously enhanced their offerings. For ShowingTime, that includes regular new and expanded services to significantly streamline showing management, offer management and the use of current market statistics.

Of course, ShowingTime isn’t the only company to introduce time-saving efficiencies to the industry, and this year we announced an exciting new alignment between ShowingTime and other top innovators in real estate to provide even greater service for real estate professionals with ShowingTime+.

ShowingTime+ brings together leading industry software tools in a single, streamlined brand

Announced in September, ShowingTime+ is the new expanded software suite that includes all existing products and services from ShowingTime, along with the addition of offerings from dotloop, Bridge Interactive, and 3D Home tours and interactive floor plans.

“‘Plus,’ very simply, means ‘more’,” said Jun Choo, senior vice president of ShowingTime+. “The extended ShowingTime+ brand reflects the breadth of our offerings and the opportunity we have to continue building tools that help agents succeed.”

Today, the average agent uses more than 12 unique software products¹ to shepherd clients from home shopping and listing to closing. This creates duplicative work and fractured systems, preventing agents from dedicating more time to their clients.

“Ultimately, our goal is to reduce transaction friction for everyone by offering an integrated, open platform for real estate professionals to run their business. Nearly 90% of home shoppers and sellers work with an agent, and at ShowingTime+, we want to help agents bring them home,” said Choo.

ShowingTime, dotloop and Bridge Interactive will continue to offer the same high level of support and service they have provided independently for decades. ShowingTime+ will keep innovating and building solutions that help agents and brokers deliver top-notch client experiences and grow their brands and businesses.

This exciting new unification of the companies’ services under one brand will make it even easier for real estate professionals to simplify their workflow and provide exceptional client service throughout the entire buying/selling process. Additionally, ShowingTime+ will introduce valuable new services to join the portfolio of current offerings, like the forthcoming Listing Media Services and Listing Showcase, which will both be available for purchase in 2023.

Offering Unique Early Access to ShowingTime’s Next Generation Experience

The industry is ever-changing, and ShowingTime’s services are built to change with it. That’s why we’ve been eagerly anticipating the rollout of ShowingTime’s next generation experience, a complete overhaul of our showing management platform that incorporates a host of new and enhanced features, along with a new streamlined interface. The upgrade will be available for all users of a ShowingTime showing management service in 2023 and we can’t wait for users to get their hands on the powerful new version of our service!

The Latest on the Next Generation of ShowingTime

We’ve been hard at work throughout 2022 fine-tuning this major update to provide an exceptional experience for users upon its release next year. For those eager to get their hands on a version of the update before its wide release in 2023, we announced the ShowingTime next generation pilot program. This unique opportunity gives users both a chance to interact with the new experience before it’s available to the public and provide invaluable feedback as we finalize its development.

As a participant in the pilot program, you’ll gain exclusive early access to exciting features that will be part of the newly updated platform. We’ll notify you as soon as a feature is available, and you’ll receive notifications within the existing version of ShowingTime when new functions are available to try in the next generation version of ShowingTime. You’ll also be able to continue to use the classic ShowingTime platform that you use today throughout the duration of the pilot program.

As always, your feedback plays an instrumental role in the development of the services we offer. As a member of the pilot program, you’ll have a special chance to directly shape the future of ShowingTime’s showing management platform and help us offer a better experience for everyone!

For complete details on the program including an FAQ, a list of currently available features you’ll be able to access and details on how to register for the program, click here.

Showing Activity Normalizes

After a year of historic demand and inventory shortages in 2021, 2022 saw a general leveling of buyer activity and much-welcomed easing of inventory issues. As always, ShowingTime tracked showing activity closely throughout the year, both through the monthly ShowingTime Showing Index® and our daily activity tracker.

Q3 2022 Home Showing Traffic Recap

While this blog will be published before December’s showing data will be available, our recent look at the newest available data suggests that 2022 will end much as it began, with a marked – but balanced – year-over-year decline in buyer foot traffic.

“In addition to the regular seasonal slowdown we would expect, buyers who can’t overcome affordability challenges are opting out of the market and contributing to the fewer showings we saw in September,” said Mike Lane, vice president of sales and industry for ShowingTime+.

 “At inflection points like this, while it’s difficult to forecast what will happen, we continue to believe that fall showing activity remains a leading indicator of spring market conditions. September’s data hints at inventory challenges continuing into next year,” Lane said.

Industry Leaders Gather Again at the ShowingTime Executive Forum

We look forward to the ShowingTime Executive Forum all throughout the year. The annual convening, which brings together industry stakeholders and ShowingTime leadership to discuss industry trends and new ShowingTime updates, presents a unique opportunity to connect with our valuable partners.

Recap: 2022 ShowingTime Executive Forum

More than 150 MLS and association leaders joined us in Chicago to get a look at the future of ShowingTime at the 2022 ShowingTime Executive Forum. Now in its seventh year, the Executive Forum is our annual event where we join with our valued partners to offer a first look at what’s next for ShowingTime’s always evolving services. And, equally as important, the event gives us the perfect opportunity to gain valuable feedback on behalf of ShowingTime users throughout the U.S. and Canada to enhance our services to reflect the rapidly changing market conditions.

ShowingTime Executive Forum attendees were given the opportunity to take a closer look at our newest offerings across multiple breakout sessions.

This year’s Executive Forum marked a major milestone in the development of the next generation update, giving ShowingTime’s product development team the opportunity to share an exclusive live look at the update’s singular responsive design as previewed from both a desktop and mobile device.

The development of the forthcoming update, those in attendance learned, was directly informed by three key goals for the next generation of ShowingTime:

  • It should be flexible and adaptable
  • It should be simple and intuitive
  • It should be modern, yet familiar

Development of the next generation ShowingTime experience is continuing to go smoothly, and Executive Forum attendees learned about the ample opportunities we’ll be offering to give users a chance to experience all the updates, including training options and the availability of our support staff.

Introducing ShowingTime+ to the World at NAR NXT 2022

We enjoy every opportunity we’re given to connect face-to-face with the industry, and there are few more exciting opportunities to do so than at NAR’s annual conference. Just as in years past, we were again in attendance at this year’s event, sharing the latest updates on our offerings and taking part in dialog with the men and women who are moving the industry forward.

ShowingTime+ NAR NXT 2022 Recap

Of course, this year’s convening had special meaning for ShowingTime, as it represented the first time we attended a major event as ShowingTime+! Those in attendance were able to learn not just about the services ShowingTime+ will offer, but also about what ShowingTime+ represents as a brand dedicated to helping real estate professionals succeed.

Despite the storm and subsequent travel issues, thousands of real estate professionals gathered in Orlando Nov. 11 – 13 for the newly-rebranded NAR NXT, The REALTOR® Experience 2022 to connect with one another and get a glimpse at the future of the industry. We were fortunate enough to have joined them, both as an exhibitor and as a participant in many lively conversations about the future of real estate.

Every conference we attend gives us the opportunity to connect face-to-face with others who are working to move the industry forward. That’s why we come away from every event reenergized and inspired. To that end, we left this year’s annual NAR gathering full of new ideas, based on the tremendous feedback we received from attendees, helping us cap off an eventful 2022 and giving us plenty to be excited about in 2023.

Looking Forward to 2023

This year proved to be an exciting one, but 2023 stands to be even more eventful! From the release of a major evolution in ShowingTime’s showing management services, to exciting new offerings from ShowingTime+, we’re excited for the opportunity to showcase all the ways we’re committed to strengthening your business.

Get a head start on your new year’s business resolutions with time- and cost-saving solutions from ShowingTime+. Click the button below to learn how to get started.