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Real estate agents have spoken.

The ShowingTime mobile app was named one of realtors’ favorite mobile apps, according to the 2018 REALTOR® Mobile Usage Report by Realtors Property Resource®(RPR).

The report comes at a time when technology continues to become more and more a part of our everyday lives — and that of real estate professionals’ clients. Sellers and prospective buyers — 26 percent of which are ages 25-34, according to NAR — expect the real estate agent they hire to utilize the latest and most up-to-date technology.

“Consumers rely on REALTORS® to keep a pulse on the housing market in particular areas, and are often expected to produce insights on the spot,” RPR Vice President of Marketing Reggie Nicolay said. “With a smartphone or tablet, REALTORS® can provide experiences that are convenient, quick and personalized — allowing them to meet and anticipate those asks.”

Real estate professionals are taking note of their clientele’s needs and wants. In fact, 33 percent of survey respondents said they spend more than seven hours per workday on their mobile devices — a nearly 40 percent increase from just one year ago.

Many ShowingTime subscribers already know about the benefits of being a mobile-first agent.

For those who are not yet utilizing the ShowingTime mobile app, it allows real estate agents and their sellers to manage all aspects of the showing scheduling and feedback process from the palm of their hands.

Real estate agents can request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback, share listing activity reports with sellers and more. It’s all as simple as ‘Point. Tap. Show.’

“It’s just so convenient,” agent Marc Feingold said. “I wish everyone used it.”

Agents can even authorize their sellers to use the ShowingTime mobile app to confirm or deny showing requests, which gives them a fuller sense of inclusion. They can also view feedback and stay updated on their home’s activity.

“I fell in love with ShowingTime immediately,” said Lorri Briggs, a homeowner. “I was amazed at how user-friendly the app was. It had everything I needed in one handy place.”

Because of real estate professionals’ affinity for the ShowingTime mobile app, ShowingTime is committed to keep it as user-friendly and up-to-date as possible.

We recently announced plans to launch an enhanced agent-to-agent messaging platform that will connect real estate professionals outside of the showing scheduling process, leading to better communication, networking opportunities and more.

Plus, we’re always looking ahead and have other exciting features we plan to announce soon.

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Download the ShowingTime mobile app so you and your sellers can request and confirm showings, manage showing feedback and share listing activity reports.