ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

Nov. 10, 2015 — ShowingTime announced today that the ShowingTime messaging feature, which enables agents to chat with each other about showings in real time, is being rolled out as a free enhancement to its 109 MLS accounts representing more than 700,000 subscribing members.

The enhancement will give showing and listing agents tools to communicate instantly from their mobile devices while in the field, or from their desktop computers. Other tools will include courtesy notifications to sellers when agents are running late for appointments or when showings are complete.

With 1.3 million listings subscribed to its scheduling services, ShowingTime messaging will have an immediate impact on hundreds of thousands of agents and sellers.

“Our objective is to equip agents with the latest technology to add measurable efficiencies to the showing process,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane. “With our broad base of customers already using our mobile app, we felt this was an enhancement that would be well received and used immediately.”