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Jan. 18, 2018 — ShowingTime today announced the release of MarketView Broker, a browser-based application that helps a brokerage’s management team identify and recruit, manage and coach top-performing agents, review and analyze competitive market share, and determine the best opportunities for growth.

“We believe MarketView Broker will become an essential tool for brokers to recruit top agents, gain market share, have a deeper knowledge of the markets they serve and provide a clear competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace,” ShowingTime President Michael Lane said.

“It can be accessed on any device from anywhere, and will be available to customers and prospective customers looking to grow their presence in the 300-plus markets where ShowingTime offers services.”

MarketView Broker is an in-depth analytic tool that allows real estate brokers to evaluate their office’s place in the market, track competitors, scout potential expansion areas and evaluate neighborhood sales activity. Its comprehensive reports can be sorted by more than 17 different filters, including closed units and volume, year-over-year production, market share, property characteristics and more.

“In working closely with brokers across North America, we’ve directly heard from their management teams that a browser-based toolset like MarketView Broker is critical for their business to succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) fast-evolving residential real estate markets,” Lane said. “We think that providing mission-critical data and market intelligence will be of great value to this group, and look forward to developing the platform further as time progresses.”

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