Like many real estate agents, Elena Kosky is often in a hurry.

It’s during times like these the Bedford, New Hampshire-based agent is happy she subscribes to the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which features appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to handle a number of tasks.

“[ShowingTime appointment specialists are] extremely helpful if driving or on the run,” said Kosky, an agent at Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan. “It is like having an executive assistant to help you.”

The ShowingTime Appointment Center has appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to schedule and confirm appointments — often in 15 minutes or less — as well as communicate the details to the listing agent, seller and showing agent.

“The ease of having a company to take all booking calls and handle confirming appointments,” Kosky said of why she chose the ShowingTime Appointment Center. “I am always sure ShowingTime will be there to take a call from an agent trying to make an appointment.”

In addition to never missing a call, the ShowingTime Appointment Center automatically requests feedback for agents – with an 80 percent hit rate in many markets – and provides access to reports such as the Listing Activity Report, Activity on Comparables, Showings I Have Requested and more.

Plus, all of Kosky’s calls, emails and messages are personally branded with office logos and agent photos.

So while some agents might worry about losing a personal connection by using an appointment service, Kosky said the “professional, courteous” manner in which ShowingTime appointment specialists get the job done makes her a proponent of the ShowingTime Appointment Center. That gives her time to have much more valuable personal connections, without having to discuss appointment details.

“I love the way the ShowingTime [specialists] address me. They are all just lovely!” she said. “When they say, Thanks so much for calling and have a great day, I believe they are genuine.”

Do you spend too much of your day scheduling and confirming showing appointments? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center helps free up your time to focus on other tasks to grow your business.