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CHICAGO – (August 5, 2021) – ShowingTime, the residential real estate industry’s leading showing management and market stats technology provider, has added 50 team members in Canada to service its growing real estate base. Using its software and services, ShowingTime found that Canadian real estate agents booked more than one million showings and registered close to 63,000 offers during the first half of 2021.

“With our growing customer base in Canada, especially in Greater Toronto and throughout Ontario and eastern Canada, we’ve added 50 appointment specialists to support our clients,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane. “In addition to agents using our online scheduling platform, they also work closely with our specialists to take care of quickly booking appointments, and we also manage their non-showing-related calls,” Lane added. “During the first half of the year, our specialists delivered more than 275,000 messages, which helps our clients operate more efficiently. We’re extremely pleased with our continued growth in Canada and the adoption of our products.”

Multiple boards and associations have added ShowingTime as a market-wide benefit for their members in the past year to bring the total number of Canadian boards served to 54. Members can access ShowingTime’s online scheduling, front desk software, reporting and offer registration tools, while individual offices, teams and agents can choose to enhance their package by using ShowingTime appointment specialists for 24/7/365 live help on showings and other calls.

Right at Home Realty, Inc., Canada’s largest independent brokerage with 5,400 agents and 10 branch offices across Ontario, has been in partnership with ShowingTime since 2019.

“ShowingTime provides our members with management tools that enhance their productivity and allow them to quickly schedule and confirm showings, so they can make the most of their time by focusing on building their business while never missing a showing,” said Branch Manager Richard Weima, who himself has 48 years in residential real estate. “ShowingTime’s suite of features are easy to use and enable Right at Home Realty to streamline showing management. It has elevated our business.”

Right at Home Realty President John Lusink said they selected ShowingTime for its focus on technology and its all-in-one approach to handling showing management and agent/client communications. “We were using multiple vendors to help us schedule showings, deliver messages and communicate with our agent teams across our 10 offices in Ontario until we partnered with ShowingTime,” he said.

ShowingTime has continued adding features to address the unique market conditions real estate professionals have experienced in the past year, including tools to manage overlapping appointments, add buffer times in between showings and specify minimum appointment lengths. It is releasing a new feature this month that enables agents to join a waitlist to show listings that are extremely difficult to get into.

“We’ve always been dedicated to providing the best showing management service and the latest technology by listening to the needs of our clients,” Lane said. “We’re passionate as a company to constantly innovate and adapt to everchanging market conditions, which guides us in developing the tools our clients need to succeed.”