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2020 was an unusual year for everyone, but as we recently covered, the year had bright spots well worth recognizing. For us, working with our clients to help them successfully manage their businesses in the face of unprecedented challenges has been rewarding beyond measure. Every product, service and feature we offer is based on direct client feedback, and this year’s additions are no different.

To bring you up to speed on our recent efforts to support our clients, here’s a brief overview of a few of our most popular features in 2020.

Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges

COVID-19: Update from ShowingTime

Immediately as it became clear that the pandemic was going to have a measurable impact on the way we all do business, we committed all resources to implementing changes and enhancements within ShowingTime’s showing management products to reflect the evolving business conditions:

“As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we’re focusing on the well-being and safety of clients, staff and families, which is our highest priority. We are also taking measures to respond to this pandemic while we continue to serve your business needs.”

COVID-19: A Change to Overlapping Showings

In March, to help ensure the well-being of our clients, buyers and sellers we changed the default options for how overlapping showings are handled for listings:

“Due to overwhelming agent demand and a desire for the safest possible showings for all concerned, ShowingTime has updated all current listings and the default for new listings to be ‘No Overlapping Showings.’ This setting means that by default, two showing agents won’t be scheduled to be in the same property at the same time.”

Conducting Virtual Showings with ShowingTime

Following that change, we also unveiled a new showing type: Virtual Showings. By selecting this option, the buyer’s agent lets the listing agent know that their client would prefer a virtual showing. The buyer’s agent can also add a note for the listing agent indicating which streaming video technology they prefer to use for the showing. Click here for details on how to set up a Virtual Showing.

Virtual Showing Type

The introduction of the Virtual Showing appointment type makes it easy for agents to conduct safe showings without having to step foot in another home!

ShowingTime LIVE Video Showings: The Next Best Thing to Being There

The introduction of this new way to conduct showings culminated with the release of ShowingTime LIVE Video, a one-platform solution that allows agents and their clients to take part in live, interactive one-on-one showings using video conferencing technology – straight from their ShowingTime mobile app (for their clients, Home by ShowingTime):

“Integrated with its scheduling platform and currently available to 32,000+ agents in select MLSs with nationwide availability in June, ShowingTime LIVE Video equips agents and their clients to take part in live video showings without needing to download additional apps, providing an authentic showing experience.”

Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Showings in North America

Beyond offering new ways to conduct showings, we’ve also been hard at work providing current showing data to help real estate professionals get a feel for how their markets are responding to the pandemic. The COVID-19 showing traffic chart has been accessed by thousands of real estate professionals to get a daily look at showing activity in their area. It’s even become a valuable resource for the media, exemplified by recent coverage in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Data from our COVID-19 showing activity page is available for most states/provinces and is updated daily.

For a more detailed look at our response to COVID-19, you can view relevant updates by clicking here.

Providing Greater Competitive Analysis

Give Your Clients a Competitive Advantage with ShowingTime’s Pricing Benchmark Report

Available in select markets since the beginning of this year and expanding into additional markets on a consistent basis, the Pricing Benchmark Report has already become a valuable resource for agents looking to assess listing performance and support pricing conversations with clients using data from comparable listings in the area. The Pricing Benchmark Report is an add-on available for users of ShowingTime for the MLS, ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk in many markets, with additional markets to be added in the year to come:

“To give their “team” an edge in a market full of competitors, agents who bolster their selling strategies with the Pricing Benchmark Report are equipped with timely data on multiple key listing criteria. Armed with anonymized local data exclusively available from ShowingTime, users can compare their listings to similar active, pending and closed listings.”

Pricing Benchmark Report Screenshot

With the Pricing Benchmark Report, obtaining data like average and median days on market for comparable listings is easier than ever.

Keeping Connected

Recap: 2020 ShowingTime (Virtual) Executive Forum

While the pandemic made convening in-person impossible, ShowingTime’s annual Executive Forum moved online to continue its tradition of showcasing new products, highlighting new features and providing a space for conversation on how technology can help meet real estate professionals’ most pressing needs. Held virtually September 22 – September 23, the event was attended by more than 200 MLS and association leaders who got a glimpse at new and upcoming ShowingTime technology, in addition to providing valuable feedback on behalf of their stakeholders.

The year proved challenging, but we’re heartened by the tremendously positive response we’ve seen from industry stakeholders throughout the country. We’re looking forward to beginning 2021 on a strong note, and we hope you’re able to enjoy a safe, restful holiday season!

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