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Did you know that ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+, a software suite that helps agents, brokers and MLSs streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers by combining existing solutions from ShowingTime and dotloop, along with introducing new solutions like Listing Media Services and the forthcoming Listing Showcase? Be sure to bookmark the ShowingTime+ homepage ( to stay up to date on the latest offerings we provide to simplify your workflow.    

Every day, ShowingTime’s appointment specialists answer calls and manage online requests around the clock on behalf of thousands of real estate professionals who utilize Appointment Center by ShowingTime+. The industry-leading service combines showing management technology accessible from anywhere – whether from a desktop or mobile device – with access to live appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to manage showings for you, like your very own personal assistant.

For those who use Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, its value is immediately apparent: agents can delegate the time-consuming task of manually fielding showing request calls to experienced appointment specialists taking care of the responsibility on their behalf, regardless of when the calls come in.

But those who don’t already leverage this highly developed workflow for the purpose of managing showing requests may be unsure of the value of such a service, especially when used in tandem with other technology.

In the face of some common misconceptions about call centers we’ve seen of late, we set out to set the record straight.

1. “Other technology makes call centers unnecessary.”

Real estate technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years, changing the way many real estate professionals interact with buyers, sellers and other agents. Given the changes, it’s not surprising that some may think that technology can now replace the role of a live voice on the phone.

Yet for all the changes we’ve seen in this environment, the most sophisticated technology on the market – which ShowingTime provides to hundreds of MLSs and associations with its online scheduling solution – doesn’t fully match the ease and convenience of speaking with a human to help manage showing requests by phone. Believe it or not, many agents still prefer to schedule showings by speaking to a live person; a professional real estate appointment center meets this widely held expectation.

In the case of Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, users get the best of both worlds; they enjoy the personal experience of a live voice on the phone, while taking advantage of the service’s seamless integration with ShowingTime for the MLS, the familiar service being used by hundreds of thousands of agents throughout the U.S. and Canada. This means that when showings are confirmed with an appointment specialist – typically within 15 minutes from when they come in – they will be accessible from the mobile app so users are never out of the loop. That includes buyers and sellers, too, who use Home by ShowingTime, an app developed just for them.

Appointment Center  by ShowingTime+ Stat: Sixty percent of calls to our specialists include requests for more than one appointment, while nearly a quarter of calls made take care of scheduling showings and requesting showing access information.

2. “Call centers are too impersonal.”

If real estate is ultimately about relationships, it’s understandable that some real estate professionals would be apprehensive about leveraging any service that they believe removes them from the process. This feeling can be strengthened when they hear the phrase “call center,” which to some has a stigma of being cold and full of a barrage of frustrating pre-recorded prompts to have to navigate.

While not all real estate call centers are cut from the same cloth, when it comes to Appointment Center by ShowingTime+’s offering, this perception is quickly put to rest. Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ specialists are experienced and courteous, representing your brand with the industry’s highest level of professionalism. Calls are answered in 10 seconds or less, ensuring that agents can make their showing requests without delay.

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3. “A call center just isn’t worth the expense.”

Like any other business, real estate professionals must weigh their decisions on which solutions they use to streamline their business against the costs of those solutions. This, of course, is a completely responsible position to take and it’s one that will help ensure the business remains profitable.

But those who reject using a professional appointment center believing it would be too expensive may benefit from considering the savings such a service provides.  Not only is handling showing request calls itself a time-consuming responsibility to add to an already busy day, but the responsibility also forces many real estate professionals to make some potentially costly decisions.

We’ve heard from clients who Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ that its addition to their business has helped them prevent one of three common scenarios: having to hire additional staff to field showing request calls, having to leverage additional staff to add that task to their existing workload, or having to be available to answer calls personally, regardless of when they come in.

The first option imposes a financial burden that is much greater than the cost of Appointment Center by ShowingTime+. The second option, while not adding an additional expense, will at some point be felt elsewhere due to the disruption it can cause to other responsibilities. The last option also may not present a literal additional expense, but it does add burdens that have costs of their own – like being able to enjoy an uninterrupted summer day.

The reality is that a call center won’t break the bank. Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ is competitively priced and can introduce savings elsewhere that may not be immediately obvious. We also offer part-time and on-demand call center options for offices who wish to use the service during certain times.

As we’ve shared previously, we believe the industry is best served by technology that enhances the agent-client relationship, not replaces it. To that end, ShowingTime technology is designed to provide tools that help real estate professionals maintain a personal touch with every interaction. From navigating conversations around negative listing feedback to keeping in touch with clients by effortlessly communicating important updates, we’re proud to help agents strengthen their connection with clients.

Real estate technology is changing rapidly and ShowingTime remains at the forefront of the movement. To learn how ShowingTime’s industry-leading technology is being used by real estate businesses like yours to overcome today’s challenges, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.