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Here are some FAQs ShowingTime received this month:

How can listing agents notify buyer’s agents about price changes on listings?
ShowingTime automatically receives price-change data on listings from the MLS. How you receive the information depends on which product you subscribe to.

  • If your office has the ShowingTime Appointment Center or ShowingTime Front Desk, price-change notifications are automatically sent the evening of the change to all buyer’s agents who previously viewed the listing.
  • ShowingTime for the MLS users can also manually send a price-change email from the ShowingTime mobile app to buyer’s agents who have shown the listing.

All ShowingTime users can send other kinds of listing announcements through the ShowingTime mobile app, as well, such as notices about offers received. These announcements can be sent to agents who have previously shown the listing, or to all agents in the listing office. Learn more >

How can I set up an unoccupied home listing to automatically confirm showings?
ShowingTime offers a convenient appointment type for situations when a home is available to show at any time called Go and Show/Courtesy Call. It’s perfect for unoccupied properties or flexible sellers since appointment requests are instantly confirmed and all listing contacts are notified. Learn more >

My seller can’t see any activity on their listing in the app. What can I do as their listing agent to fix it?
In order for sellers to view up-to-date history in their mobile app, they need to be authenticated through the correct MLS listing and use the same email address that’s attached to that listing.

If your seller’s property has been relisted or they previously worked with a different agent, the seller’s app will have to be re-registered through the new listing.

Sellers need to logout of the existing account in the ShowingTime mobile app and log in using the new authentication email they will receive when they’re enabled by their agent for mobile access.

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