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Scott Godzyk was interested in eliminating the showing agent’s wait when he first inquired about the ShowingTime Appointment Center in 2014.

Three years later the Manchester, New Hampshire-based REALTOR®-Owner/Browker of Godzyk Realty Group couldn’t be happier with his experience as a ShowingTime customer.

“I have been able to eliminate delays in showing agents getting inside my listings,” Godzyk wrote in an email. “I have also freed up a great deal of time taking calls to have to setup the showings myself.”

The ShowingTime Appointment Center acts an extension of Godzyk. He now has appointment specialists available to answer showing calls in 12 seconds or less 24/7/365, to schedule and confirm appointments, then communicate the details to him, the seller and the showing agent. The Appointment Center also sends personally-branded notifications that add a marketing benefit for Godzyk.

Godzyk Realty Group belongs to the Northern New England Real Estate Network (NEREN), so Godzyk has an added benefit: NEREN provides the enhanced version of ShowingTime for the MLS for its members. An online scheduling tool, it enables agents to request and schedule showings through the MLS’s website and confirm showings via two-way texting or the mobile app – both of which eliminate phone tag and make the showing process less complicated. Agents also can easily request feedback and have access to listing reports.

“I love being able to set up showings from a link in our MLS right to ShowingTime,” Godzyk said. “Therefore I love the ability to be able to have showing agents use the same links on my listings. It keeps showing agents coming back to show my listings [because they can] do [it with] ease.”

Godzyk also noted the convenience with which agents can communicate and schedule showings on vacant properties, plus the Enhanced Feedback package – two other advantages of using the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime for the MLS.

“Vacant homes can now be shown instantly by the showing agent through online links to set up showings, or [by] calling the [ShowingTime] Appointment Center,” he said. “The automated feedback … eliminated the need to call every showing agent for feedback.”

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