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Real estate offices like using ShowingTime Front Desk, the front desk software that enables them to effectively handle calls from agents, schedule and manage showings, generate feedback and create reports. Sometimes, though, they are confused about how ShowingTime Front Desk works with ShowingTime’s online scheduling product, which is available in more than 60 MLSs and allows agents to schedule showings online.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

ShowingTime for the MLS brings another level of efficiency to the scheduling process for offices using ShowingTime Front Desk. An agent wanting to show one of the office’s listings now has the option to 1) call the office, or 2) submit the request online.

If the agent submits the request online, it automatically appears in ShowingTime Front Desk’s Task List for follow up. By enabling showing agents to use both methods, you’ve not only given them a choice, you’ve also made it easy for your staff to follow up.

Some other frequently asked questions:

1. Do I still need ShowingTime Front Desk if my MLS is providing me with ShowingTime for the MLS?

Absolutely. As mentioned above, online appointment requests will appear on your Task List for easy follow-up. Using ShowingTime for the MLS and ShowingTime Front Desk together will enable you to easily handle all requests: those coming in online, and those by phone.

2. Is there more work involved when using both ShowingTime for the MLS and ShowingTime Front Desk?

No. In fact, using ShowingTime for the MLS and ShowingTime Front Desk together will actually save time and generate more showings. ShowingTime for the MLS enables agents to request showings before and after normal business hours, so all you have to do is confirm those appointments as you normally do.

3. Will ShowingTime for the MLS paired with ShowingTime Front Desk change the way I’m doing things now?

Nothing needs to change … it’s business as usual. Consider ShowingTime for the MLS as an enhancement to the way your office currently operates. It can lead to more showing requests with fewer inbound phone calls.

If your MLS has ShowingTime for the MLS, you can view recorded demos on how to schedule online, how to set up your listings to receive requests and more. If your MLS doesn’t offer online scheduling, you can always contact us to learn more.

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