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Commentary: How Tech is Improving Real Estate

ShowingTime+ vice president of sales and industry Michael Lane recently shared his perspective on how technology is improving residential real estate for everyone. His commentary, originally published on Inman, has been reproduced below. Twenty-two years ago, I...

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ShowingTime’s Next Generation User Experience FAQs

Since we unveiled the first details of the next generation of ShowingTime’s showing management platforms, the feedback we've received has made it clear that many of you are eager to take advantage of the new, streamlined interface and all the additional efficiencies...

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The Latest on the Next Generation of ShowingTime

The wait is almost over for an evolution in showing management that’s more than 20 years in the making! The next generation of ShowingTime, a major new update to ShowingTime’s showing management services, will be available for all ShowingTime users in early 2023. In...

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A New Look at Offer Manager by ShowingTime

Offer management can be a real chore for agents on both sides of a transaction. Between the stress of keeping on top of all the necessary documentation and the complexities of the frequent back-and-forth communication with all parties, it’s safe to say offer...

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The Latest ShowingTime Safety Updates

We're committed to making showings stress-free. See below for a few recent updates on our continued efforts to introduce smarter, safer ways to conduct home showings. Showing Beacon® Since its initial launch in select markets, Showing Beacon has quickly become a...

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