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Real estate front office staff members handle numerous tasks on a daily business.

From taking showing request calls and entering contact information to responding to leads and forwarding appointment details to agents, it wouldn’t be surprising if, at one time or another, an important task fell through the cracks.

But it would be unfortunate. And potentially bad for your business and its reputation.

How does your front office staff keep track of their tasks in order to ensure that no responsibility goes unfulfilled?

For offices or single agents using showing management software such as ShowingTime Front Desk, there’s a simple solution: the Task List.

Task List is your office’s to-do list. Since not all tasks are created equal, Task List can help you differentiate between time-sensitive phone calls and other activities that don’t require immediate action but still need to be kept top of mind.

Task List breaks down your staff’s to-do’s in several sections:

  • Call Now — For high-priority tasks
  • Call Later — For lower-priority duties
  • Showing Instructions — Listings that still need showing instructions to be completed
  • Appointment Activity* — Appointments that do not require calls, but might be beneficial for staff to know about

*If you don’t see the “Appointment Activity” menu option, all office managers and staff can access your office settings to enable it for the entire office.

There are many advantages to using Task List, including:

Rather than having several staff members using their own formula for remembering their to-do’s, Task List streamlines the process. This way no paper notes or personal documents are inaccessible should staff call in sick, take a vacation, etc.

ShowingTime Front Desk software is web based and can be accessed from anywhere. Tasks can be updated whenever they’re completed or changed — no matter when the change occurs.

Office managers or brokers can alter the appearances of some tasks on the Task List based on their own preferences, or hide certain tasks from those who don’t need access to them.

Increases Efficiency
With Task List, all staff members know what needs to be done — and in what order.

If you’re a current ShowingTime Front Desk customer, here’s more on Task List.

For those considering showing scheduling and management software, there are more benefits of how using showing scheduling software can help you increase efficiency and streamline your business.

Contact us to learn more about how ShowingTime Front Desk can help you increase efficiency and streamline your business.