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Holiday weekends often mean long weekends for many across the country, as they look to get out of their house and enjoy a vacation.

Where do agents with active listings fit in amidst the parades, barbecues and camping trips? Much of it depends on your sellers.

Last year’s Fourth of July travel was the highest on record, according to AAA, so if your seller is gone for the weekend you have a couple of ways to take advantage of an unoccupied house.

An open house might not typically be a good idea during a well-traveled holiday weekend such as Memorial Day or Labor Day. But buyers who decide not to go out of town might use Saturday and Sunday to look at a number of homes.

If you don’t believe an open house is worth your time – and here are six factors to consider for holiday open houses – agents using ShowingTime products might think about setting up temporary showing instructions for the weekend by changing the appointment type to “Go and Show/Courtesy Call.”

Here’s how:

  • Simply click on the “My Listings” tab, then “My Listings” in the drop down
  • Select the listing you’d like to change
  • Under “Appointment Setting,” set the appointment type to “Go and Show” or “Courtesy Call”
  • Configure the owner so they receive confirmed or cancelled appointment notifications
  • Save your changes

Listings using auto-confirm appointments have proven to receive nearly 30 percent more showings per week compared to those that require a confirmation, according to 18 years of ShowingTime data. It’s also no hassle for sellers, who are informed of appointments via the ShowingTime mobile app but don’t have to do anything else.

Sellers who aren’t leaving town and want to enjoy the weekend with a backyard barbecue have the option to set up a showing restriction through their agent. This feature is available within all ShowingTime products and allows sellers to prevent scheduling for a given time period for one day or several.

Invite sellers to download the ShowingTime mobile app so they can easily manage their showing preferences during the holiday weekend and throughout the selling process, and also share with them the Seller’s Guide to ShowingTime tutorial we’ve put together.

Let ShowingTime automate the showing process for you! All of our showing-related products – whether it’s the ShowingTime Appointment CenterShowingTime Front Desk or ShowingTime for the MLS – can help you manage the showing request and feedback process so you get more showings and more feedback.

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