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Five Tips for Forming your Real Estate Superhero Team

It’s a bird…. It’s a plane… It’s…a real estate team? Ok, so the image of a real estate team may not recall the same sense of awe as one featuring an assemblage of superheroes. Still, we think that the most successful real estate teams can learn a lot from their caped...

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9 More Proven Lead Sources for REALTORS

Can a real estate professional ever have too many leads? Perish the thought! We previously covered 13 Lead Sources for REALTORS, and that list remains a valuable asset for agents, new and veteran alike. We decided to dig a little deeper and highlight 9 additional lead...

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The Sellers Guide to Holiday Home Showings

The pumpkins have been replaced with poinsettias, yet for many home sellers, the holiday season can be more frightening than even the scariest Halloween display. While the holidays may have a well-earned reputation for being a particularly slow time of the year for...

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Meet My Home by ShowingTime

November 7, 2019 — ShowingTime, the real estate industry’s largest and most accessed showing management platform, announced the release of My Home by ShowingTime, an appointment management and communication tool with a comprehensive range of capabilities including the...

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How ShowingTime Helps You Provide a Personal Touch

Real estate is about people. Providing a personal touch is essential when working with clients, something all successful agents know. So, it’s no surprise when some express reservations about showing management services (like the ShowingTime Appointment Center),...

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