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How ShowingTime Helps You Provide a Personal Touch

Real estate is about people. Providing a personal touch is essential when working with clients, something all successful agents know. So, it’s no surprise when some express reservations about showing management services (like the ShowingTime Appointment Center),...

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Inform Your Business Plan with ShowingTime Reports

As we head into the the next quarter, you may find want to begin thinking about how to revise your business strategy to make the most of the changing conditions in your market. Make the most of the season and start analyzing what went well and what can be improved in...

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Median vs. Mean, Explained

Mean and Median; many of us haven’t heard these terms since our high school math class. However, knowing the difference between these numbers and how they are calculated can be very helpful when trying to best utilize the data in your MarketStats product to share with...

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Real Estate Safety in 2020

As we noted earlier this month, September has been designated REALTOR® safety month. As the month draws to a close, we took a close look at NAR’s 2019 Member Safety Report and analyzed the results to highlight some of the more impactful findings that will be relevant...

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Your Client Got Negative Feedback. Now What?

It’s an experience familiar to most agents: You’ve helped your client stage their home, promoted the listing and facilitated a showing, only for the hard work to result in nothing more than an uninterested buyer who leaves negative feedback. While you may accept that...

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Getting Acquainted with the ShowingTime Resources Page

Have you visited the ShowingTime Resources page lately? If not, you’re missing out! The Resources page is a great place to find information that you can use to help grow your business. Whether you’re an experienced ShowingTime user looking for a refresher or you’re...

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