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September is REALTOR® safety month and though September 2020 will go down as one unlike any other, agent and client safety remains as important a topic as ever.

To that end, NAR recently released its 2020 Members Safety Report, highlighting REALTORS’® perceptions about their own safety as they conduct business. The full report is worth reviewing, but one data point stands out: 72 percent of respondents said that they had not experienced a situation in which they feared for their safety or for the safety of their personal information.

Though an improvement over last year’s result of 67 percent of participants responding, it nevertheless points to the fact that 28 percent of agents have found themselves in a situation in the last year in which they felt unsafe.

While we know that most interactions with clients will be without incident, we aren’t content leaving that up to chance. The products we offer are designed to provide additional peace of mind for real estate professionals.

To demonstrate some of the key ways ShowingTime provides additional protections throughout the showing process, we’ve highlighted some products and features that exemplify our commitment to agent safety.

ShowingTime LIVE Video

For obvious reasons, this year agent safety has been given new meaning. In response to the need to support agents during these uncertain times, we revealed several measures to keep businesses going safely. Of these measures, the introduction of ShowingTime LIVE Video is one of the most important. ShowingTime LIVE Video is our new platform that facilitates LIVE 1-on-1 virtual showings, with buyers participating in the showing from the comfort of their own home using the ShowingTime mobile app.

Showings conducted with ShowingTime LIVE Video are interactive, allowing clients to ask questions and request a closer look at key listing features that are most interesting for them. And, because the platform is integrated within the existing ShowingTime mobile app, no additional apps or accounts are required.

Since its release, adoption of ShowingTime LIVE Video has been brisk, playing an increasingly large role in the historic jumps in home showing activity seen throughout the summer nationwide. Regardless of any local limitations that may be in place now or in the future that could prevent in-person showings, ShowingTime LIVE Video will allow for showings to continue.

Lockbox integration

Lockboxes are an essential part of the showing experience, and ShowingTime’s integration with electronic lockboxes ensures an extra level of security as they’re accessed. With a Bluetooth-enabled phone that has the ShowingTime mobile app, agents can connect their ShowingTime account with many of the industry’s popular lockbox brands (click here for a list of compatible lockboxes). Agents and brokers can reference built-in lockbox reporting capabilities to review a log of all access activity, providing additional peace of mind that only approved agents have access to the listing, at the appointed time.

Showing Beacon®

Earlier this year, agents in select markets got access to a new feature in the ShowingTime mobile app designed to provide further peace of mind during in-person showings and client meetings: Showing Beacon.

In markets where it’s available, Showing Beacon can be accessed at the bottom of the main menu within the ShowingTime mobile app.

With Showing Beacon, an agent can set a timer for a showing or client meeting. In the event the timer reaches 0 before it’s cancelled, an SMS notification will be sent to a designated contact with the details about the agent’s current location.

Agents also have the option to send a Showing Beacon immediately, should they find themselves in an unsafe situation.


For complete details on Showing Beacon, click here.

Agents may not find themselves in an unsafe situation very often, and the data bear that out. Be that as it may, we’re dedicated to making sure agents are prepared to meet any situation that may arise every step of the way as they serve their clients. We welcome the opportunity to continue to innovate and make the showing process safe and efficient.

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