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When I get off the train after work, and my wife and I haven’t decided on dinner, we do takeout. That means ordering from one of the nearby restaurants and picking it up in 15-20 minutes.

Here’s what’s interesting: I almost never call to place the order.

Instead, I do it online using Eat24 or the restaurant’s online ordering system. Same with making dinner reservations – we use Open Table.

Both are on demand. Calling is on demand, too, but it seems more and more of us are using self-directed apps or websites.

When and why did our approach change?

Doing Things Online Is So Easy

We’re all becoming better and better at doing things ourselves, online. We like to bank online, set up auto-payments for bills, and shop for shoes and clothes online. You’ll often find a line at the self-checkout at your local grocery. It’s not good or bad, it’s just convenient.

Online Help Is Easy, Too

When I use software and have an issue, I’m more likely to use “Chat” instead of calling. It seems more efficient. That holds true for booking plane tickets, hotels, just about anything. We’re good at doing it ourselves.

Online Training

For ShowingTime customers, this applies in two ways: 1) numerous on-demand training videos, training documents and helpful printouts are at your disposal in our “Help and Training” section when you’re logged in; and 2) our Support team is available via Live Chat (and by phone and email) if you have a question.

We’ve created these on-demand, online resources for the reasons mentioned above – we’re all tuned into our own schedules, want to do things when it’s best for us, and don’t want to wait.

  • You can watch a training video when you need a refresher.
  • You can print out a Seller’s Guide to take to your next listing appointment.
  • Forgot what you can do from the mobile app? Visit Help and Training and become an expert.

We’d be happy to talk with you, of course, but given the trend toward doing things when it’s convenient for you – a.k.a. on-demand – we thought creating resources you can access anytime you want would be a good thing.

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