Here are some FAQs ShowingTime received this month:

How can a listing agent view notes they left for a buyer’s agent confirmation?
There are two types of listing agent notes. The first is always visible on a listing worksheet and is sent to the buyer’s agent when the appointment is confirmed.

Listing agents can also override the confirmation note for individual appointments by submitting a different message when confirming an appointment. This note is sent to the buyer’s agent and, once delivered, is not visible to the listing agent.

How can listing agents keep communications with their sellers connected to their listing?
Agents and sellers can both use the in-app messaging feature. All messages are saved under the seller’s listing, which helps to easily reference it in the future.

How can an agent update their office and contact details in the app after they switched offices?
All information about the office an agent is associated with is imported automatically from their MLS. However, the ShowingTime mobile app will have to be re-authenticated using the new email associated with the new office.

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