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For as much as technology has changed the face of the residential real estate industry, one aspect has remained the same: clients expect personalized service from start to finish. As agents know, however, that expectation can cause a strain on an already busy workweek as they make themselves available to answer client calls whenever they come in.

That’s why a growing number of leading real estate professionals, from agents to teams to offices, are entrusting some or all their phone call volume to services that collect and share messages related to their real estate business.

Of course, no two message taking services are alike. With so many options, real estate professionals in the market for a service that conforms to their needs have a mountain of features to sort through and pros/cons to weigh before making an informed decision.

Until now, that is.

We put together 5 Essential Features of a Live Message Taking Service to help you find the right message taking service that’s equipped to meet your unique needs.

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