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Oct. 2, 2015 – ShowingTime 10K (10K Research and Marketing is now part of ShowingTime) today announced it has launched its interactive residential real estate market analytics product, Infosparks, with Information and Real Estate Services (IRES) for the more than 6,000 brokers, appraisers and their support staff.

The multifaceted, mobile-ready tool combines local geography with housing variables, timeframes and market metrics for fast and easy analysis as well as electronic and print sharing of trend data in a clean, intuitive interface.

“We were getting 10K’s quarterly Marketwatch Report, which covers county-level residential real estate data, for the last two years,” said IRES Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Hansen. “We were ready to step up our residential real estate trend reporting to higher levels of geographic detail with more customizable search parameters for our subscribers.”

Launched in 2012, Infosparks is a password-protected, Single Sign-On-enabled application for MLS subscribers, association members or brokers and their agents. IRES subscribers will have access to current and historical market information by neighborhood, ZIP code and self-drawn areas. All output is derived directly from MLS data.

“Building Infosparks to meet the needs of the IRES staff and its subscriber base has been exciting, and we are eager to see the first waves of feedback,” said ShowingTime President, Michael Lane.

Shared Infosparks reports can be branded to users, and offer multiple data-reporting combinations. Data points for complete months are updated daily and live-data charts shared on blogs and websites will stay current in perpetuity as long as the user is active with IRES.

10K recently merged with ShowingTime and offers products and services that provide market reporting to more than 250 organizations throughout North America. ShowingTime 10K operates Infosparks and Faststats in 30 unique renderings from San Francisco to Williamsburg and Minneapolis to Corpus Christi.