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Adam Iobst, Client Alliance Manager at MRIS, took time this week to describe how to connect the ShowingTime Mobile App to the time efficient routing app Waze. We thought it was so nicely done that we’re re-posting it here … it can apply to ShowingTime customers everywhere.

The free ShowingTime product that simplifies your showings can also simplify how you get there.

Have you heard of the traffic app called Waze? It not only provides directions between locations, but also alerts users to routes with the lightest traffic, red light cameras up ahead, and possible accidents in their direction of travel.

A definite plus for real estate agents is that they can connect Waze to ShowingTime using their mobile device or tablet calendar, making it easier to manage all the driving they have to do. Once you’ve added the drives you plan to take, Waze provides them in a handy list so you can see them all at once or edit them as needed (note the added bonus of a link to gas prices in the immediate area).

To get started, you first need to sync your ShowingTime calendar with your iOS or Android phone or tablet using the free ShowingTime mobile app.

Once downloaded:

  1. Start by clicking on My Profile & Settings using the ShowingTime mobile app.
  2. Click Calendar Sync.
  3. Select the items you want to sync and then click Sync Now.
  4. When prompted to Subscribe Now, click Subscribe.

Now your ShowingTime appointments are synced to your device calendar.

To connect this calendar to Waze, open the Waze app.

  1. Once Waze has opened on your device, click on the Search icon.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon.
  3. Scroll until you can click on Planned Drives.
  4. Click Sync Calendar to sync your device’s calendar to the Waze app.

Once your calendar is synced with Waze, the app will alert you when you need to leave for your showings.

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