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We’re officially midway through the calendar year and, hopefully, you’re rejuvenated after a relaxing Fourth of July celebration.

Now that you’ve switched back from vacation mode to work mode, it’s a great time to revisit your business goals from the beginning of the year and determine where you sit and if you can hit them.

Are you halfway there and confident you’ll reach your business goals? Or are you well behind and just livin’ on a prayer?

Either way, the time for coasting ended the minute you packed up your boat this weekend. Ease back into work mode by revisiting your business goals and doing an honest assessment about where you stand by going through this five-part midsummer checklist.

1. Revisit Business Goals

Do you remember the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? For some, business goals are just something agents write down because they think they should. For others — and more serious real estate professionals — they’re a serious objective for which they strive to achieve.

Hopefully, you fall in the latter category, and can easily pull up your business goals — or, more preferably, already have them memorized.

2. Analyze Projections

So, where do you stand in reaching your business goals?

Are you on track? Are you blowing them out of the water? Or are you behind where you want to be?

Were you realistic? Were you a tad pessimistic in your original projections? Or did the excitement of a new year leave you overly optimistic?

Midway through the year is a great time to combine 50 percent of your original estimate with 50 percent of your completed business to decide whether your original goal remains attainable.

3. Honest Assessment

Look yourself in the mirror and ask: Are your business goals attainable?

Answer honestly. Because while you might be disappointed now, you’ll be even more disappointed — and discouraged — if you keep aiming high but consistently fall short.

For example: If your original goal for this year was to earn $80,000, but you’re only at $20,000 so far, chances are you’ll be disappointed.

In that case, there’s nothing wrong with changing your goals.

4. Reassess

If you’re on track to land right around your goal, stick to what you’re doing.

If it’s looking like you’re going to surpass your original goal, congrats! But why not aim higher?

And if, for whatever reason — slow market, personal reasons, bad luck, etc. — it looks like you’re going to fall short, reassess and develop a new more realistic goal for the rest of the year.

There’s no shame in changing business goals, and a few setbacks have happened to many successful people over the years. For more, here’s 10 business goal-setting tips.

5. Upgrade Your Tools

Perhaps one of the reasons you’ve struggled to hit your business goals is because you’re not utilizing the best available tools.

ShowingTime provides several products and services that can fit into your business plan and help you achieve your goals and maximize your potential.

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