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In case you haven’t yet been to the ShowingTime+ page, you may have missed the big announcement from earlier this week: we’ve introduced an advanced new way to create stand-out listings, Listing Media Services!

Listing Media Services is a technology-enabled real estate photography service that offers agents comprehensive media packages to make their listings stand out in any market. With just a few clicks, agents can schedule a professional photographer with on-demand booking to capture all the media they need to build a compelling listing that attracts buyers. This includes high-resolution listing photos, an interactive floor plan with embedded virtual tour, downloadable floor plans, aerial photos and more — delivered on time, neatly packaged and easily shared.

“We want to help agents effortlessly deliver standout listings that wow their sellers and help win over potential buyers,” said ShowingTime+ vice president of product Cynthia Taylor in the announcement press release. “Listing Media Services cuts down on the time agents spend preparing a listing so they can focus on the high-touch, high-value work they do as a trusted adviser for their clients.”

Designed to make obtaining high-quality listing media as easy as ShowingTime has made showing management, we can’t wait to hear how the service enhances your listings when Listing Media Services is available in your market!

To read the full announcement and learn more about Listing Media Services, visit the ShowingTime+ blog here.