ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+

Before Maureen Archey became a full-time real estate agent last October, she was balancing a full-time job in the IT department of a financial company with her part-time real estate career.

Juggling both was challenging, but the real estate portion of her life was made easier with ShowingTime.

“I wouldn’t really have been effectively able to do my job because I had a full-time job, without the convenience of ShowingTime,” Archey said. “I always had it added to my listings. Before we had it, I was calling to set up stuff and had longer days than I would have liked to have had because I would leave a full-time job and come home and make all those phone calls and set up appointments and, oh my gosh.

“So the time that it saves me is less bags under my eyes from getting more rest. [It’s] amazingly convenient.”

Archey is now a full-time broker for Solid Realty Services, Inc., in Chicagoland, which is a member of Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), which subscribes to ShowingTime for the MLS, an online scheduling tool that adds a “Schedule a Showing” button next to listings.

ShowingTime for the MLS enables agents to request and schedule showings through the MLS’s website and confirm showings via two-way texting or the mobile app – both of which eliminate phone tag and make the showing process less complicated. Agents also can automatically request feedback and have access to reports such as the Listing Activity Report, Activity on Comparables, Showings I Have Requested and more.

The Enhanced Notifications package MRED subscribes to gives agents tools to ask customized questions and include company branding and photos. All of the feedback options are accessible from a computer, tablet or the ShowingTime mobile app, with requests automatically sent to the showing agent via email and/or push notification.

Archey also takes advantage of messaging via the mobile app, which she believes most clients find more convenient than phone calls.

“Sometimes it seems, as much as we want to communicate and interact with someone, we can multitask better if we’re using technology. So it’s just efficient and faster,” Archey said. “There are some clients you have to call them. I have clients that are 60 (years old) and over who I definitely have to get on the phone with.

“But most of my clients, they want the convenience themselves of being involved in the process. It makes them feel a little more in control.”

The ShowingTime mobile app is a free enhancement to your current ShowingTime services. You can download the app for free to your Android or iPhone. Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more.