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Here are some FAQs ShowingTime has received from agents and homeowners in the past month:

Why is it important for buyer’s agents to notify sellers they’re running late or can’t make a confirmed showing?
Common courtesy says it just makes sense to communicate a change in plans. ShowingTime offers in-appointment messaging in the app so buyer’s agents can easily let sellers know they’re running late. Learn more >

If you can’t make the showing, cancel it to notify the seller and prevent feedback requests from being sent.

How can sellers reschedule a showing request?
To reschedule a showing request, sellers need permissions to be set up by their listing agent. Once set, sellers can “Confirm,” “Propose New Time” or “Decline” a showing request.

My seller cancelled an appointment and then changed his or her mind. How can I undo it or reconfirm it?
Even though there isn’t an “Undo” option for cancelled or declined appointments, listing agents can still remedy the situation. Sellers can let their listing agent know about the mistake or a change of plans using the mobile app’s messaging feature; then, the listing agent can easily schedule a showing for the same time for the same buyer’s agent.

Showing agents also have a convenient way to schedule appointments on the same listings from a previously cancelled or declined showing.

Sellers often comment that they don’t like having overlapping appointments on their listings. What can listing agents do about it?
We understand that agents and sellers have different preferences and circumstances, so we’ve created several options for handling overlapping showings. These settings can be found in the Agent Profile section on mobile under the New Listing Defaults menu tab, which is part of the Listing Agent preferences section. Note: Sellers don’t have access to these settings. See the options >

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