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Lockboxes play a key role in the home showing process for real estate agents, offering a convenient, secure way to access a listing. ShowingTime fully supports lockbox integration by partnering with the industry’s leading providers like Supra, Master Lock, CodeBox, Rently and Sentrilock, to make lockbox management and access easier for agents.

To highlight how ShowingTime integrates with lockboxes, we’ve provided definitions to some common lockbox terms that you may come upon.

Note: Not all lockboxes or ShowingTime configurations have the same functionality or allow for the same level of access. For detailed information on how to use your specific lockbox with ShowingTime, click here.

Access Details

Within your ShowingTime product, the Access Details section plays a vital role in how listing agents manage lockbox access. Accessible from the Access Information section of the Listing Worksheet, the Access Details section allows the listing agent to choose the access type along with any pertinent additional information, such as a combination, serial number or Call Before Showing (CBS) code.

Click here for more information on how to set up your access details.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard used by most modern mobile devices and many lockboxes. The ShowingTime mobile app can leverage Bluetooth technology to allow wireless access to compatible lockboxes when a showing agent arrives at a listing during the scheduled showing time.

Call Before Showing (CBS)

The CBS code allows the listing agent to control lockbox access by requiring the buyer’s agent to call for authorization before the lockbox can be opened. When enabled, this optional feature provides additional peace of mind that home access is granted only to an authorized agent with a confirmed appointment.

Listing Activity Report

Users of ShowingTime for the MLS, the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk have access to a host of detailed reports they can leverage to inform their business decisions. For lockbox users, the Listing Activity Report provides detailed records of a lockbox’s access history.

Secure Access®

Available throughout the U.S. and Canada, ShowingTime Secure Access® adds an additional layer of security for users of any type of lockbox, as long as they’re a subscriber. With Secure Access, a lockbox linked to a confirmed showing can be unlocked by a buyer’s agent with a tap of a button from the ShowingTime mobile app, but only during the confirmed appointment window.

For lockboxes that don’t use Bluetooth, the access code is provided at the confirmed appointment time. In both cases, the listing agent will set the access window for up to 60 minutes before and after the confirmed time.

Sharing Code

Unique to Master Lock lockboxes that support Bluetooth, the Sharing Code is used to activate your lockbox with ShowingTime. Please refer to the Master Lock Vault Enterprise website for additional details on how to obtain this code.

Seamless integration with a host of the industry’s most popular lockboxes is just one way ShowingTime’s showing management services remove the guesswork from showings. To learn more about how you can use ShowingTime to streamline showing management, reach out to our Sales Team by clicking the button below.