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Grow Your Productivity, Efficiency and Credibility With MarketStats 

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of reliable data, especially when it comes to real estate statistics and the part they play in the home buying and selling process. Agents use this data at every step of a client’s journey to educate, inform and support the critical decisions they need to make. The ability to access the right information just when you need it and create easily understandable reports enhances the value you bring to your customers. That’s where InfoSparks and FastStats can give you a competitive edge. And, best of all, depending on your MLS, they may already be available to you as part of your membership.  

Highlight Meaningful, Relatable Data Points

When you present housing market stats to your client, the data can be a bit intimidating, particularly if they’re not comfortable with statistics. But with the numerous customizable data sets offered by InfoSparks and FastStats, with a few clicks you can create powerful, easy-to-understand visuals to showcase the information a particular client cares about most. This makes the whole process accessible and enables more effective communication. 

Gain a Deeper Understanding 

Your clients depend on your expertise as they pursue buying or selling a home, and you end up fielding a wide range of questions. Having targeted, in-depth resources to back up the information you share bolsters your credibility and strengthens the profile of your business overall. Through localized metrics, like inventory data, and robust, interactive maps, MarketStats’ tools enable you to form actionable insights that will help you confidently guide clients as they move down the home buying or selling path. 

Overcome Potential Challenges 

The home buying and selling process isn’t always predictable. And, emotions can run high as clients put time and effort into achieving their dreams. Sometimes this means having difficult conversations, but the ability to access and share solid, real-time data can help cut through the emotion so all parties focus on, and work through, any situation. Leveraging InfoSparks and FastStats to supply this data can help you keep your clients on track.  

Data can also be used to start and further conversations with potential clients, giving you an edge while demonstrating your value. Read more about how to use InfoSparks, where available, when talking to prospective clients here.

Data is a powerful ally in building client relationships. With the dynamic, in-depth and customizable data MarketStats provides, you can create a complete picture to share with your clients. Learn more and find answers to your questions here.

If you’re a real estate professional and belong to an MLS that subscribes to MarketStats by ShowingTime+, you already have access to useful reports and charts for every situation.

For MLS and association staff who need to quickly generate reports and charts that summarize local market activity, MarketStats by ShowingTime+ can help. Click the button below to contact us for more information.