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Here are some FAQs ShowingTime has received from agents and homeowners in the past month:

Who should an agent contact when they have questions about a ShowingTime product?
ShowingTime has a dedicated support team available to answer any product-related questions and provide technical assistance. They can be conveniently reached by live chat. We also encourage agents to use our help site which has answers to common questions.

Product improvement suggestions can be sent to us through the mobile app or by emailing

For questions about a showing, we would recommend messaging the agent by using the messaging feature or reaching out directly to the agent’s office. Our Appointment Center specialists are also available 24/7 to assist with showings.

I just relisted a property. Why did my seller stop seeing current activities on their listing in the mobile app?
When a home is relisted, it’s assigned a new MLS ID so the app no longer associates that seller with the listing. Sellers need to be enabled for mobile access for the new listing.

As a listing agent, why can’t my co-listing agents see the same information about appointments as me?
The most common reason is that a co-listing agent was added as a listing contact, rather than a co-listing agent. By definition, listing contacts are homeowners and occupants who can’t see some details like showing agent’s contact information, for example. Learn more >.

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