Note: This feature is available in select markets, with additional markets to be added shortly.

One of the most frequent requests we receive from homeowners is that they want to be notified when a showing is complete, so they can return home. It’s a common courtesy, but showing agents are so busy taking their buyer to the next listing, they sometimes forget to notify the homeowners.

We’re excited to announce we’ve addressed this pain point with an automatic ‘Showing Completed’ notification for listing contacts. Homeowners will now be notified when a showing is complete, using location technology from the showing agent’s phone.

As a showing agent, is ShowingTime continually tracking me?

No. ShowingTime is monitoring the location that you are scheduled to go to. Using a virtual perimeter surrounding the property known as a “geofence,” ShowingTime will be alerted when you enter and exit the geofenced location. When you leave the location and our algorithm has determined you are finished with the appointment, ShowingTime will notify the sellers with the ‘Showing Completed’ notification.

What new notifications will showing agents see?

Notifications aren’t sent to the showing agent, but to the homeowners directly. The showing agent must have the ShowingTime app installed and allow access to their location information, so the technology can be utilized to alert the homeowner.

How can listing agents make sure homeowners are notified?

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