ShowingTime is now part of ShowingTime+
As users of the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus will tell you, removing the burden of managing showing request calls 24/7/365 and setting up buyer’s tours is a game changer.

Offices, teams and agents that use ShowingTime appointment specialists to handle these tasks save valuable time and improve productivity.

But as any real estate professional knows, showing-related calls are not the only calls that need your attention. Questions about listings, communications with home inspectors, coordination with banks and lawyers, and all the other calls that come in are par for the course, and are something the typical agent – or someone at the office or on the team – has to handle.

Enter ShowingTime Live Connect.

With ShowingTime Live Connect, those who use the ShowingTime Appointment Center or ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus can now have all their calls handled by ShowingTime staff, day and night, on weekends and on holidays, with messages logged and forwarded immediately. This cost-saving add-on builds on the same time-saving principles that have made the ShowingTime Appointment Center an essential tool for real estate professionals around the country.

  • Messages are delivered how you want to receive them – by text message, email and/or push notification through the ShowingTime app
  • Reporting is included, giving you the ability to review an activity log and resend messages
  • Billing is simple — users pay by the call, not the call’s duration

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take advantage of Live Connect?

Live Connect is an add-on for ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus customers. If you currently subscribe to either service, you can use Live Connect!

How much does Live Connect cost?

Live Connect users are charged on a call-to-call basis. To receive a price quote, reach out to our sales team.

Does Live Connect transfer phone calls as well?

Our Live Connect specialists answer all your inbound calls and 1) handle the tasks if it’s a showing-related call, or 2) take a message for all other calls, then forward the message according to your preferences. Live Connect removes the obligation of you having to answer calls when you’re busy, while ensuring that you never miss a call.

When does Live Connect receive calls?

Just like the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus, Live Connect is available around the clock, serving customers 365 days a year.

How will callers know they’ve dialed the right number?

Live Connect staff use a personalized greeting for your calls with your branding, so callers know they’ve reached the right number.

Are too many calls becoming a burden? Let ShowingTime’s staff take all of your calls and handle your messaging needs. To learn more about how Live Connect can integrate with the ShowingTime Appointment Center or the ShowingTime Appointment Center Plus, reach out to our sales team by clicking the button below.