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ShowingTime has recently added a new feature, Listing Agent Accompanied Showings, designed for markets where it’s common for listing agents to accompany buyer’s agents at showings on their listings.

This new feature allows listing agents to act on the appointment request in advance of the owner or occupant seeing the request and helps resolve scheduling conflicts between agents before informing sellers of showing requests.

Other interesting features of this addition include:

  • The listing agent can choose to allow the contact to be first in line to approve these requests, or they can wait until they’re sure the showing will fit into their own schedule
  • Both the approval by the listing agent and the owner will be tracked
  • If the listing agent does not approve the request, the seller or occupant will not be notified
  • While sellers or occupants are required for accompanied showings, the order of the calls is clearly identified on the listing worksheet

Current ShowingTime subscribers can select from below to learn more about the various options included within this new feature:

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