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There’s an abundance of different housing metrics available within InfoSparks, ranging from Days on Market, Pending Sales, Inventory, Median Sales Price and …

Yeah, you get the point.

Many real estate agents we talk to who use InfoSparks quickly become immersed in the tool, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve spoken with plenty of agents who often find themselves losing track of time while researching and discovering more about various real estate markets throughout the country.

We realize, however, that not everyone is wired that way, and that not everyone has the time to spend hours playing around with different metrics and markets within InfoSparks.

That’s why InfoSparks has a functionality that allows you to create your favorite charts by selecting the live data option and share them via email and social media using a link. You can also bookmark or copy and paste that link into a document to quickly pull up the charts whenever you need access to them without having to log back into InfoSparks and recreate them.

Again, these charts are live, so after one click, the data linked within the chart will automatically update each month with the freshest MLS data.

To get the link, simply create your chart and select the Share button:

Then choose Live under Step 1, Social Media and Email under Step 2 and select Share. Your URL will automatically appear:









One of the benefits to saving the URLs to the live charts, aside from being able to quickly share them on your social media channels, is that they’re readily available for listing presentations.

Many real estate agents typically work or farm in specific markets. If that’s the case for you, create two or three different charts highlighting whichever metrics you prefer and save the links. You’ll have ready-made charts available to print before or pull up during a listing presentation.

And, since InfoSparks allows users to choose from different metrics and different time periods, you can cater the charts to the metrics you most care about, the timeframe you prefer and sort them by monthly data or rolling data.

You can also make one chart comparing different neighborhoods – InfoSparks allows users to compare up to four different geographies* – so, if there are two neighboring areas you always work in, you can quickly show clients how they compare.

*Tip: While InfoSparks can compare up to four different geographies, be mindful of how the size of the areas contrast. If you compare inventory of an entire MLS versus a small neighborhood, for example, the small neighborhood will be barely visible on the chart because the entire MLS has far more inventory than the neighborhood.

Live charts are great for both power and non-power InfoSparks users because, not only do they help agents share up-to-date data with clients at a moment’s notice, but they also allow agents to create in-depth, personalized reports in minutes that are constantly updated.

You can use it monthly, weekly or even just log in once, create the perfect chart for you, then set it and forget it.

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