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Successful real estate agents have their listing presentations down pat.

Experienced agents have heard numerous questions over the years and have developed go-to answers when asked what sets them apart from other agents or why they’re the best person for the job. Chances are they’ll rarely be baffled by a question since they’ve likely heard it all.

They’ll also be prepared for basic questions, such as how their prospective client’s home compares to others in the area or what price they should expect.

And while all agents come into listing presentations prepared to share their credentials, successes, experiences and other positives, they might be missing out on a key piece of leverage.

It’s no secret that technology is continuing to take over today’s world. That goes for the real estate industry, as well. 

As ShowingTime subscribers know, all the products available to them offer tools that help streamline their business. But those same tools not only help agents during the home-selling process, but also sellers.

How so?

Here are four questions you might get asked in a listing presentation where our services can help you leverage ShowingTime to help you win the listing:

What do you think is an ideal price for my home?
Our MarketStats by ShowingTime division arms real estate professionals with the most comprehensive market stats available. Our reports, backed by MLS housing data, allow you to inform clients about pricing, sales, time on market and more.

These reports can be viewed from your phone, tablet or desktop with one click, and be presented with your office’s branding.

All you have to do is pull up the reports on your tablet or out of your briefcase during your listing presentation to showcase to prospective clients that you’re the foremost local market expert.

*ShowingTime’s MarketStats products are sold at an MLS/association level only.

Is there anything I should address with my home?
While keeping the home clean and potentially staging it are key parts to a successful showing, some issues won’t arise until a showing.

This, as real estate agents know, is where feedback comes in — and why it plays such a critical role in the home buying process.

Whether you subscribe to ShowingTime for the MLSShowingTime Front Desk or the ShowingTime Appointment Center, you can tell prospective clients you have feedback requests sent automatically. In fact, in some markets, those automated requests are answered at up to an 80 percent success rate.

Some ShowingTime subscribers also have access to Enhanced Feedback, which allows them to ask questions customized to each particular home.*

*Subscribers to the ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk can always customize feedback questions and include branding, plus a photo of the listing; for agents using online scheduling (ShowingTime for the MLS),their MLS may or may not have purchased the Enhanced Feedback module.

Will I also have access to that information?
By encouraging sellers to download Home by ShowingTime, you can allow them to have as much or as little to do with their listing as they wish. Show them the various reports they’ll have access to, as well as other features that help eliminate phone tag and keep every communication in one place.

How many prospective buyers can you get in the door?
Although the number of showings a listing receives varies based on a number of factors — marketing, location, price, etc. — one thing ShowingTime Appointment Center subscribers can guarantee prospective clients is that they’ll never miss a showing request.

Explaining that you have professional appointment specialists available 24/7/365 to field showing request calls will put sellers at ease knowing as many people as possible will view their home.

Add in that appointment specialists also communicate showing details to all parties so everyone’s on the same page — and that everything is readily available in the ShowingTime mobile app — and it’s easy to sell why being a ShowingTime Appointment Center subscriber will help your prospective client get more showings and sell their home.

Are you looking for tools that will help you win more clients? Learn more about how ShowingTime products can help you ease your burden, save you time and enhance your business.