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Did you know that September is REALTOR® safety month? Each year, the National Association of REALTORS releases its Member Safety Report which shares insight into REALTOR perceptions on how safe they feel in their work and how they’re working to improve their safety. As the report demonstrates, real estate professionals are increasingly taking proactive steps to ensure that each transaction they facilitate is a safe one, particularly essential given that 20 percent of survey respondents said that they feel unsafe about the safety of their personal information daily or more often.

Of course, with technology serving as an ever-present ally for agents and their clients alike, real estate professionals now have new ways to stay safe.

Thankfully, the more than 950,000 real estate professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada who use ShowingTime technology can take comfort in the fact that ShowingTime is committed to ensuring its users’ safety. Here are just a few of the ways:

ShowingTime Mobile App

The ShowingTime mobile app is the perfect companion for agents who use ShowingTime, allowing them to schedule or confirm showing requests on their listings while on the go.

ShowingTime does not track or store a user’s precise location. When a user agrees to ShowingTime’s location permission request, ShowingTime uses location services of the user’s phone to assist in finding listings near their current location. This feature is also used to help guide agents to the listing instructions when they arrive at their showing, in addition to automatically notifying a seller when the agent has finished showing the home through geofencing technology. For listings that have the ShowingTime’s Secure Access® feature, ShowingTime also uses location services paired with the appointment date, time and status to determine if the showing agent is allowed to access the home.

ShowingTime users can be sure that their personal location data is never stored with ShowingTime and enabling location services is an entirely optional feature!

The ShowingTime mobile app also uses an encrypted SSL connection to communicate with ShowingTime servers, which means that data passed between the app and ShowingTime’s servers remains private. Further, when the app is downloaded through either Google Play or Apple’s App Store you can be sure that it’s virus- and malware-free.

The mobile app also does not access any other app or OS data, nor does it ask for any contact, storage or any other permissions. ShowingTime also does not profile users, does not work with any ad networks and does not access users’ phone numbers

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Electronic Lockbox Integration

Lockboxes remain one of the most popular ways for home sellers to enable buyer’s agents and their clients to access their home for showings. ShowingTime’s electronic lockbox integration allows users to connect their ShowingTime account to several of the industry’s most popular lockbox brands, accessible using a Bluetooth-enabled phone with the ShowingTime mobile app. This integration provides agents and brokers with an added level of security, enhanced reporting capabilities (including a log of access activity) and other benefits.

Sellers who have a lockbox compatible with ShowingTime’s lockbox integration technology can rest easy knowing that access is secure and is granted only for confirmed appointments and scheduled times.

Home by ShowingTime

ShowingTime ensures the safety and privacy of your clients, too. Buyers and sellers who are connected with a real estate agent who uses ShowingTime can manage showings, tours, feedback and more with Home by ShowingTime. Just like the ShowingTime mobile app, Home by ShowingTime maintains users’ privacy, only using data inputted by the user and facilitating secure communication between client and agent about recent and upcoming appointments.

Are you a real estate agent looking for the latest technology to help you save time? Learn how the ShowingTime Appointment Center can be used to free up your time to focus on other tasks to grow your business.