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Real estate is about people.

Providing a personal touch is essential when working with clients, something all successful agents know. So, it’s no surprise when some express reservations about showing management services (like Appointment Center by ShowingTime+), recruiting tools (MarketView Broker) or call answering and message delivery services (ShowingTime Live Connect).

If these kinds of services take responsibility away from the agent or broker/owner during the home buying/selling or recruiting process, the argument goes, doesn’t that mean that it’s also removing their ability to provide a personal touch?

The hundreds of thousands (and growing) of real estate professionals throughout the United States and Canada who use ShowingTime+ to manage showings and offers have found that their ability to provide service with a personal touch is just as strong as ever. In fact, agents and brokers tell us that not only does ShowingTime not remove their ability to serve their clients on a personal level, ShowingTime+ actually improves the agent-client relationship.

To demonstrate how ShowingTime+ helps agents connect with their clients, we’ve highlighted a few aspects of some of our leading services that are hits with relationship-minded ShowingTime+ customers.

Appointment Center by ShowingTime+

There’s no two ways about it: Appointment Center by ShowingTime+ does reduce the number of phone calls you’d otherwise have to make to schedule and confirm showings for clients. By leveraging ShowingTime’s 24/7/365 live appointment specialists to handle showing requests, agents who use Appointment Center streamline what once could be an inefficient, protracted process.

Yet before you get nostalgic about the “good old days” of multiple calls to manage showings, share listing activity and provide feedback, you should consider how removing those aspects of the process will allow you to better serve your clients in other, more meaningful ways.

For example, in the time that would have been spent playing phone tag, agents who leverage Appointment Center can instead coordinate additional touchpoints throughout the process, such as a weekly in-person status update meeting, or develop a personalized report from feedback shared through Appointment Center.

Clients who speak with Appointment Center’s professionally trained appointment specialists also still have access to a live voice on the phone – perfect for providing a personal touch even when agents themselves aren’t on the line.

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ShowingTime Live Connect

Since it was first made available, ShowingTime+ Live Connect has taken and shared thousands of messages for agents, providing their callers with access to a live representative to represent them and take messages, day or night. ShowingTime Live Connect is the answer to the problem of how to provide a personal approach to all calls, even when an agent is unavailable to take them. Before ShowingTime Live Connect, agents were forced to choose from a few undesirable options:  be available at all hours to respond to calls, hire an assistant to take calls, or let messages pile up in their voicemail inbox.

With Live Connect, agents have the advantage of using live specialists to take their calls when they’re busy, at far less expense than having a personal assistant. Staff who take the messages represent agents’ brands, so callers feel as though they were speaking with the agent or with someone in your office.

MarketView Broker

MarketView Broker allows broker/owners to discover, identify and compare their market’s top talent, track each potential recruit’s activity, create ‘watch’ lists and easily reach out to them. What makes MarketView Broker valuable is the user-friendly interface, custom reports and extensive criteria by which a user can search to find the desired agent.

Of course, data is nothing without a personal touch, and broker/owners know that interacting with a prospective new addition to the team demands the same level of personalization as an agent interacting with a client. Brokers can rely on the data within MarketView Broker to begin conversations with prospects.

For example, a broker can create a watch list for selected agents and receive alerts of new sales activity, providing an excellent opportunity to extend a congratulations and open a dialogue. The broker can also export activity from his or her own office to produce a branded report to be shared with a prospect when he or she is ready to have a conversation about joining the team.

With MarketView Broker, gone are the days of the impersonal cold call. Instead, brokers can use data to have informed conversations backed up by timely, accurate information.

From showing management to message taking, recruiting to market statistics, ShowingTime+ solutions save time and effort which can be better spent serving clients. Learn how ShowingTime+ solutions free up time to enable you to focus on other tasks to grow your business.